Thursday, May 7, 2009


Do you mark things down in a diary, a book, a ledger?
+ I did this right.
- I did that wrong.

ITEM: Tenant, that guy who moved, left a mess, owes money, asked me to write a letter of reference for him. I didn't say no.

Wrong. Should have say NO WAY!

Do you give yourself grades?
You have an appointment to discuss something that's troubling you ...
Do you get an A for bringing it up?
Skip it? Get an F?

ITEM: Did a favor for someone.
He did a favor in return?

Re: tipping janitor: Ledger says DON'T. But you do it anyway.

Are there notes about old friends? It's not your turn to pick up the check ... shouldn't they pick it up?

ITEM: Career ledger -- old agent, new agents.
New hasn't returned your phone call. Time for a change?
Enter it in his column?

ITEMS: Doctor column, Lawyer column:
+ questions you asked ...
- questions you didn't ask ...

What's with the ledger? Why a ledger? Why remember, why not let things ebb and flow with the tide? Who, when, what isn't noted down? You don't forget important things.

(Well, maybe you forget a name once in awhile, a word, title of movie, but not very often. )

... Bad times, disagreements, firings, hirings, nasty confrontations, flirtations, your old boyfriends, his old girlfriends, collisions, painful encounters, bad reviews, turn-downs, lies, rejections, colds, illnesses, aches, pains, muscles, moods, compliments, pannings, that fire, the insurance claim, flood in the basement, phone out, electricity out, promises, bargains ...

It's all there. Every twitch, every inch of every change, almost change, aborted change, every failure -- some items in teeny tiny handwriting, some things capital letters ...

What's this bookkeeping concept doing in the brain of a ... a ... free spirit, an impulsive creative intuitive artist, who's definitely not an accountant, not an elephant who never forgets ...

It's not double-entry booking, The sum on one side of the page, doesn't have to equal the other side.


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