Saturday, June 20, 2009


I just read an article in my Time Magazine -- "How Twitter Will Change the Way We Live ... (in 140 characters or less)."

Hey, gee ... whoa ...

Communication in 140 characters, OR less? And IT is imparting opinions, reactions, philosophy, advice that's already got advertisers and corporations studying it, creating new companies to develop tools and markets to sell, sell sell us ... what?

Holy, cow -- and it's getting more popular every day -- tweets are quoted in the news -- blogs are blogging about tweets!

Oxford Dictionary: "... twitter v. make a series of light tremulous sounds. talk rapidly in a nervous or trivial way. noun: [1] a twittering sound. [2] trivial talk. phrases in (or of) a twitter informal in a state of agitation or excitement."

Wikipedia: "Twitter is a free social networking and micro-blogging service that enables its users to send and read each others' updates, known as tweets ... Tweets are text-based posts ... SMS, short message service, was created in 2006 ... daily users estimated at 6 million, monthly visits 55 million, Nielsen rates monthly growth at 1382% ... " (Poor old Facebook is only increasing 228%.)

Thesaurus synonyms: chitter, cheep, chipper, chirp, chirrup, pipe, screech shrill pipe up, peep, peeping ...

Okay, the internet is changing communication. Bloggers ("hybrid diary writers" according to Wikipedia), blurt out personal private stuff in an essay form, while Tweeters, in 140 or less characters, are briefly conveying a thought.

Okay, it's progress ... But Tweets are being published, read and taken as significant ideas, careful thoughts.

Shh...Maybe if I change the word from tweet to ...burp, a common reassuring human sound, or another animal sound... oink ...?
And here's a haha -- since web log became "blog," why not drop the "G" and the "B" and call Em's post a LO. Spelled low it's a cow's MOO.

So, BEWARE of the oinking, the moos ... Stop the avalanche ... It's snow. Snow is cocaine, or whipped egg whites on a dessert, or white stuff that shuts you in --"snow" is deceiving, persuading, glibly charming a person. I don't want to be snowed in.

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Carola said...

Think of Haiku. It must be an interesting discipline to try to express a thought in 140 characters. (I have never tried it myself.)