Sunday, June 21, 2009


I don't believe in "Luck" -- I believe in work but ...

For years I collected Fortune Cookie fortunes and taped them to a long red cord. Only the good ones. If JC got a super great one, I took it and pasted it on my string. My fortune cookie fortunes are hanging on the door to my office.

My red apple on a gold string hangs just below the light I keep on for Mother. (I wrote about this s in "Night Light," April 13th.)

High up on the window, there's a poster from "People in Show Biz Make Long Goodbyes," written by me as H. Jean Schaeffer. (One of these days I'll explain about H. Jean, Harold and Harried -- the Schaeffer family.)

On the shelf above my monitor, there's a hand painted cup in the style of Rouault -- brought it in Spoleto where I danced my very best despite Baryshnikov and Fracci watching in the wings.

Next to it -- a doll from India that does a belly dance if you blow on her. H, a dear pal of JC's who propositioned me, bought it for me, along with a 4 oz. flagon of $90 an ounce Joy perfume.

On the shelf above that -- 3 tall wooden flowers. JD bought them for me for good luck when I left Malibu, moaning about missing the flowers.

Under my calendar a demonic wooden Chinese Lord who's staring angrily at my Fortune Cookies -- he's a gift from my stage crew in Hong Kong who taught me to say "Go Cue. Take a break. Thank you," in Chinese.

I don't pay much attention to any of my good luck trinkets ... never had a rabbit's foot or knocked on wood ...

But I always wear my purple T shirt, no matter what the weather -- on the first day of a new project. And though I haven't added any new fortune cookie fortunes to my string, it hangs there. Maybe one of these days I'll type out the fortunes ...

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