Sunday, June 28, 2009


Buy NEW Computer for JC
XP, 2 GB mem, 2.8 Ghz.
What size HD?

Or give JC mine? Get NEW for me ...

Order the vitamin D 2000.

Fix the lump in the fixed kitchen floor ... JC slaved over fixing it! Cut the bulge in the linoleum perfectly! It's the "Goop' glue! The books we piled on it to make it dry flat didn't work ... Do we cut into again? Suppose it turns out worse? ... It doesn't really show ... The lump doesn't really look like a worm ... does it ...?

Transfer JC files to old Mitach computer ?
Shouldn't we get the updated Finale software?
What about NEW refrigerator? Wait another year? Do it now before our darling brown old GE breaks down?

I'm not thinking clearly; I don't feel like writing a post today -- MJ news is overwhelming everything ... Farrah's death on the same day barely mentioned ... We're being brain-washed into wonder-worrying about overdose, criminal doctoring, between updates on Kate and Jon, Jon and Kate . No wonder I'm doodling ...

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