Monday, July 27, 2009


I would tell the boss of our country:
I'm glad you're there. More than glad -- I feel more hopeful about what's ahead, and safer than I did before you were elected.

I can't stand the heads -- the two, three, or four extra heads on the TV screen, the guys and girls who are there to contribute wise yeses, authoritative no's to the main commentator's subject. Okay, they do have a function -- expressing more pros and cons educates us, but I think we're getting into "too many cooks spoil the broth." Too many opinions are slowing down things, complicating your job unnecessarily.

What you are trying to do for the county, instead of being digested, becomes fodder, food, a tasty subject to chew, tear at, spit out, even vomit on publicly.

I listen to what you say, and even when I don't have any comment or real knowledge about why the current health care providers with their escalating, always escalating costs/charges/ restrictions/ controls, are further endangering our economy -- I hear you. On health care, and Afghanistan.

Yep, on that war, though that war makes me shrivel, cringe, wish, shake my head, shrug --pains my brain because we can't win it, and looming are Iran and North Korea, and Pakistan. Nevertheless, I hear you and thank you for what you've explained, and want what you want to be supported by congress, the media, and we the people.

Your friend who was upset by the police, fairly or unfairly... We whites haven't ever had, or even come close to having the feeling of being color categorized, blamed, profiled -- and having to live with what every black has lived with every day of his life ...

I want what happened to him and what you said, and what the police subsequently said and feel -- to resonate. Continue resonating. It's out there. It's part of our experience now -- educating, enlightening, affecting all of us --no color -- just people.

Thanks for being there, boss.

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Carola said...

I feel the same way.