Thursday, August 13, 2009


I can't shut up.

I cringe, quickly change the channel every time I see the ABILIFY commercial. The face, sad face, the miserable, hopeless, suicidal expression -- she's a woman -- I'm a woman.

As the name of the pill echos I'm conjugating -- "abilify, able, ability, disability, disable, unable, abject." I'm declining into a negative frame of mind where me, my worries, my fears, my disabilities are in the forefront of my mind and hopeful constructive Em solutions are fading away.

Am I supposed to tell my doctor, if I have a doctor/shrink/therapist, to give me Abilify? If I'm already taking Lexapro, Effexor, Cymbalta, Zoloft, Paxil, Prozac, Wellbutrin -- any one of the popular antidepressants -- I better tell my doctor my current medication is inadequate.

The vision of the miserable woman, then another desperate, miserable person, then another suicidally depressive, desperate, miserable person makes me miserable -- paralyzed, terrified, inadequate, incapable of handling myself. Boy oh boy, this is a WINNING COMMERCIAL.

I intensely dislike the considerate, honest, helpful, loving daughter in the ARICEPT Ads.

So self-sacrificing this daughter is, smiling, sweetly mentioning the ways her poor Mom who's not all there, is ruining her devoted daughter's life.

A shrug, a sigh, a few words about a meeting she's missed -- and there's no doubt about it -- Mom's problem is putting a damper on the busy, optimist, do-gooder daughter's important, community activities.

"Yes indeed, folks ..." (The daughter is honest, truthful as she calls a spade a spade. ) "Dear. Mom is a bit of a burden, that forces me to modify my objectives -- I could be helping ... well...." (Daughter implies with a gesture, that she 'd be helping hundreds of needy people.) "But, with one Aricept a day, my dear Mom, will be enjoying life quite awhile longer ..."

Then the daughter, with an weak, optimistic semi-smile, thanks God, and Pfizer Drugs, for ARICEPT which keeps poor Mom almost, not quite, but almost, more or less hanging in there.

Me, the ad watcher needs an aspirin for my headache, (definitely not a Bayer), something generic!

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