Monday, September 28, 2009


Are you happy?

How old are you?

Why don't you go on vacations?

Why don't you like living in NYC?

How are you feeling today?

When can we have lunch?

What's "HAPPY?" I can't define it. Can you?

My age, HOW OLD I am puts me into a category that limits my freedom to be what I am.

VACATION is a period spent away from what I am.

LIVING IN NYC disconnects me from nature --sun, moon, sky and land. I like to be connected to all that.

HOW I'M FEELING is what I'm writing, explaining right here.

LUNCH, a midday meal, however light, makes me sleepy so I don't eat lunch.

The only important question in the list is how old I am. Easy to say the numbers, but the moment I do -- plop -- I'm defined by heavily advertised pictures, medical concepts, insurance policies, and your ideas about age. My being able to cavort, dance around like a kid, view the world as a teenager, a young mom, a motherly mother, or a sage, approaching the end of life -- is primary. I don't think I could write if I weren't free and able to do that.

In writing my plays and the novels, I became whomever I needed to be -- the central character or a minor character, any age, male or female. I just wore the clothes, absorbed the family background, lived in the world that my character lived in.

Writing my blog is different. Easier, more fun -- I'm me -- right now today, or yesterday or tomorrow. But reading my blog, maybe a question pops into your mind and you'd like to know more about something.

So, if you have a couple of questions, just click the TALK TO EM, ASK EM icon, and ask away. I'll answer right away, quickly, honestly ... maybe circuitously, if I need to protect my family or hang onto my freedom to dance around as me.

If it's an uncomfortable question, you won't get an answer -- I'll turn it around and ask you question.

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Carola--computer fixed said...

I think by deduction I can guess your age, but I simply do not believe it. You seem much, much younger.