Thursday, October 15, 2009


Do unto others...

If it ain't broke... (See my post 10/14)

Say thank you! ( See my post 5/15.)

Answer the phone with pep and cheer, even if you're feeling lousy.

Do one post a day.

Don't worry about your worries.

Take the moment as it comes.

Your bones tell you more than the Doc or blood tests.

onserve water.

Conserve electricity.

Keep away from mirrors.

The past is passed.

Grab now!

If you start a post about an event --
and try three times -- and it's not happening -- drop it.

Don't use big/fancy words if a small word will say it.

When you're tired and don't want to take a barre, do it for 10 minutes -- if you're still tired -- stop.

Pay attention to impulses: HUNGRY -- eat; SLEEPY -- nap;
PEEVED -- find out why; BORED -- change the channel.
Don't know what to say -- say nothing.
Don't know what to write -- don't write.
Don't know what to do -- do nothing.

Do what Mark Twain said: "When in doubt, tell the truth."

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