Tuesday, October 20, 2009


My new stove makes me mad.

The stove is huge, gleaming black enamel.

I'm not happy -- touch a knob, turn on its light --turn on a burner -- and there's a finger print that SHOWS. Heating a kettle of water for our morning coffee takes twice as long. I'm sure the gas bill will DOUBLE. The bottom drawer WHICH SEEMS to be a place for pot covers has no handle -- great spacious drawer -- I can't get it open!

I cooked a Chinese dinner on it with my extra-large frying pan. The food turned out fine but cleaning the stove afterward -- tiny splatters, a chunk of meat that flew out of the pan -- it was rub a dub-dub time.

Okay, splatter and bits of food come off my new stove with a wet sponge, but if I don't polish and rub with a soft clean rag, or a couple of paper towels, it looks like a reverse negative of DNA -- it's PROOF that I'm a sloppy cook.

Yes, yes -- I know that about new stuff -- expensive or inexpensive things -- clothes, shoes, cars, computers, even socks -- it takes takes time to get adjusted them. o. The stove will be fine, I'll probably end up loving the stove, and aren't bills for everything heading up?

I guess I'm irritated, DEPRESSED because a thousand-dollar stove ought to be WONDERFUL right away -- and here I am complaining about it like a spoiled rich lady whose husband buys her, lets her buy anything she wants, when families are going hungry, and times are not good, and the news ...


War, Nobel Prize, health care, unemployment, credit cards ... The list goes on and on and we're constantly asked for OUR opinion, getting opinions every day from new authorities who aren't necessarily authorities, who are making a mountain out of -- it's right! it's wrong! it's disaster! it's the solution! -- on and on.

What I hear and see makes me feel small, helpless, fearful -- like a child needing a parent to lead the way, say what to do.

I'm counting on the Presidemt -- so very, VERY glad that we elected him, put him where he is, to do what has to be done. We're LUCKY to have the guy in the White House forging ahead, leading the way.

And goodness gracious -- I' M LUCKY to have my new stove to fuss about!

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