Monday, September 26, 2011


You build them up, and make them kings, queens, leaders, label them number one -- great, The Greatest, favorite, the best. You follow them on Facebook, on Twitter, and take in their words, their doings, approve, disapprove. applaud, ennoble and adore them.

Hey, by writing this, I'm doing it -- playing what I call the " fame name" game. Ears and eyes absorbing news alerts, headlines, gossip -- digesting all of it like essential vitamins.

It's energizing, like a pep bill. Events in an Idol's life are YOUR life too.

So who's actually in the Idol fame game right now? (Don't bother linking to the links, if you're busy with your own idols -- look at my links when you're bored.)

Justin Bieber? (wrote about him last June.)

And J lo? She's getting oldish, but J lo's HOT again right now.

Is Simon the honest, mean creator of American Idol one of your idols? Amazing guy, is he going marry Paula Abdul?

What about Michael Jackson? He's still a vibrating, powerful musical entity, like Elvis.

Oh sure, other names are wafting about -- Sarah Palin looks more beautiful than ever. (Thank God she's biding her time about running for president.) Lindsay Lohan's always good for an OH NO, NOT AGAIN!. I can't help hoping Paris Hilton's fading.

Having Googled, I know the who's are mostest biggest celebs for the moment.

1 Lady Gaga (@ladygaga) 12,516,236 followers SORT OF LIKE HER
2 Justin Bieber 11,737,023 followers DON'T LOVE HIM
3 Barack Obama 9,602,976 followers LIKE HIM A LOT.
4 Katy Perry 9,054,420 followers --DONT 'KNOW WHO SHE IS
5 Britney Spears 8,924,496 followers DON'T LOVE HER
6 Kim Kardashian 8,913,646 followers WHICH "KARDASH" IS SHE?
7 Shakira 7,551,084 followers DON'T KNOW HER
8 Taylor Swift13 7,435,705 followers DON'T KNOW HER
9 Ashton Kutcher 7,386,783 followers BIG SELF-PROMOTER
10 Ellen DeGeneres 7,270,099 followers LIKE HER A LOT
11 Oprah Winfrey 6,994,849 followers DON'T LOVE HER
12 Rihanna 6,761,923 followers NOT INTERESTED
13 Selena Gomez 6,758,557 followers DULL CUTE BORE
16 Justin Timberlake 5,622,163 followers LIKE HIM A LOT

Where's Madonna? No new lover? No new adoptions? And Brangelina -- her with her not believable maternal smile? Is Brad getting fat? I wish he'd move out and re-marry Jennifer A who's aging, alas, quickly.

What about FALLEN IDOLS -- Roger Clemens, Kobe B? And Tiger Woods. (I want Tiger to win again!) And SLIPPING idols -- Mariah Carey, Halle Berry, or FORMER idol Mickey Rooney, and the FOREVER idol, Princess Diana?

Yes, I'm naming the names that have grabbed, are still grabbing, and getting YOU reading this post, wondering what Em's going to say next..

I think the idol game is like climbing up an unstable vine -- you're breaking branches, knocking off twigs and buds as you're clutching and holding on -- yep, you're climbing up an imaginary vine like Jack and the Beanstalk.

Beware -- fee, fi, fo, fum -- it's going nowhere -- it's dumb.


Anonymous said...

Dear Emily: Idols in my life change as events and things change. Right now, without a doubt-you are my idol and your 1st paragraph describes it best. I have read your life story by Jackson, felt your pain, courage, and love for life and dancing. Your dancing is a work of incredible beauty and art at it's finest. I read and breathe your blogs and postings like addicted to coffee every morning! Lol God bless you Emily Frankel! kam Kathleen Ann McGee

Carola said...

He's not my idol, but on the list you gave, the one I like is Pres Obama.