Friday, November 11, 2011


Every once in a while I have to YELL out and name the names of the bad guys, and the worst of the worst.

The Alleve baloney -- sure, it's easier to take two pills instead of 8 Tylenol pills, but Alleve is naproxen -- it can create major health problems.

Guys, close your ears and eyes to the ads. Don't switch to Alleve. It's potentially bad for you.

TempurPedic mattresses-- they don't stand by their warranties. Ours is lumpy. it started getting lumps 5 years ago. It has a sag in the middle. Yes, we called! Yes we wrote letters. We'd have to prove it with photos, and photos don't show the lumps or the sag.

The worst guys are Oil Companies -- nowadays they've got tailored, choreographed handsome, authoritative males telling/selling us how careful they are about protecting us. (BS, baloney -- BP, Exxon, and all the others are careful?) Yes, the Oil guys are re-explaining how good for everyone it is that they drill under our land for natural gas that they'll sell back to us at higher than ever prices.

And Halliburton, who is/was Dick Cheney, and the Bush family, who keeps changing its name so that we don't realize it's the power behind various "fracking" oil companies that offer great deals to home owners so the company can dig for natural gas under their home sweet homes -- poison the water, the air, the foliage, the pets, and often the family.

Under various names, Halliburton, has made tons of money from the war in Iran. Reliable sources (Associated Press,,, and the "UK Guardian"), tell us that Halliburton (under one of its names) continues to be on our federal government payroll.

Huh? Why? How come?

I don't know why. But facts about this monster corporation are disguised and thoroughly hidden by the company's expert legal staff. It's got 52, 00o plus employees, in 70 countries, with hundreds of subsidiaries, an annual income revenue of $18 billion. All I can do is yell.

And include on my hate list, the sex medicine that makes sure you can get it up, anytime, every time you might be in the mood. Also all the insurance companies --Geico, Progressive are the big names selling you bargain rates. (You may save money, but based on my experience, you probably won't get a human someone on the phone to comfort you, if you have an accident.)

Also, I'm yelling about medicines that help the medicine you're taking work better, though the extra-help-medicine on top of yours might make you sick, crazy, suicidal, or kill you.

And here's a yell about the latest crop of bad guys who are encouraging you to pay them to help you into bankruptcy so you won't really have to pay all your bills, (except what you have to pay them.)

They are on my hate list. They should be on yours.

Along with a huge, loud YOWL about the media, the advertisers, the guys who are making money from selling us what sells to the indiscriminating, DUMB buyers who've been brain-washed since childhood by various representations of reality -- cute animals, birds, butterflies, bees, flowers, stick figures, slang-talking cartoons -- that have been creating a culture of violence.

My husband and I filmed a video blog that I'll post soon -- "Favorite liars." I was hoping to get strong supportive comments from him on my big liars list, but hate is not what John Cullum expresses. He gets annoyed, bored, irritated. I HATE things.

The picture at the top of this post is very ugly. Hate is very ugly. What's being done to us is very, very ugly.


Nanci B said...

Great list Em. I am with you on it. But you forget the biggest lying liars the big banks.....

grammakaye said...

Em, perfect, unadulterated great howling & yowling as seen from your vision of the way things are these days. Certainly has that great 'ring' of truth! I love that!
* * *
Where this is all leading to I am skeered to know....but from what I see on tv, perceive on twitter so many Americans seem to be 'delusionally lying' to themselves & each other.
* * *
Dear Em, you are not delusional, you are a very refreshing breath of good clean air. Luv ya. I'm @grammakaye on twitter.

Anonymous said...

Great strong blog today Em! I agree and despise all the ones you listed carefully and hope others see through the mirage these people and companies put up front. I want to also add to my list of liars all the men at Penn State who knew about Sandusky abusing those boys for 15 years and did nothing to stop it! They even perjured themselves to try and protect their behinds. I hope they all get prison time. I believe what comes around goes around and eventually all those greedy people and companies will be stopped!
kam Kathleen Ann McGee

Linda Phillips said...

I am in total agreement!

Carola said...

It is really too bad that people aren't informed about the dangers of Alleve and the other NSAIDS. Those ads are really dangerous.