Sunday, November 13, 2011


"Wow," the Cullums exclaim, remembering how they used to dress up, dress fancy, in order to be noticed, get heads turning, photographers clicking away, wherever they went.

Recalling their extravagant chic outfits, that probably inspired lots of people to imitate them, the Cullums are aware that what they wear, nowadays, is different -- not head turn around things, but clothes that enable them to do what they want to do, without calling attention to themselves.

Have the times changed? Or is it us? the Cullums ask themselves. (They know that they KNOW the answer!)


Anonymous said...

What a delightful video today! Loved you and John remembering the styles over the years together. I bet you both turned heads with your gorgeous outfits and clothes. Funny, how styles come back again. I guess I have the homebound bedridden style of wear. Same scrub tops and soft flannel pj bottoms ans warm cozy houseshoes. When you are limited then comfort and ease is the important thing-not trying to impress anyone-just my little dog and she loves me whatever I am wearing! Lol!
kam Kathleen Ann McGee

Carola said...

I just love to hear John sing. On the subject of clothes, my paternal grandmother had her fur coat remade into an extremely warm cloth winter coat with the fur as a lining. She did it to be be practical, long before fur became impossible to wear. She later gave me the coat - it was the warmest thing I ever wore.

Linda Phillips said...

Em and John will never go out of style! I do know what you mean though. I'm the same way now myself.

However, one thing really bothers me. When I was younger and we went to the theatre and opera or dance, people dressed. For the longest time now, people wear jeans to the theatre and it really bothers me. Call me old fashioned, but it shows a lack of respect in my opinion not to dress for a Broadway show.

grammakaye said...

How adorable you two are Emily Frankel & John Cullum. Simply love to watch your videos.
* * *
On the subject of simple Midwestern business attire, when I retired, my daughter was beginning a new job. I opened my closet to her & she took everything in it, office & holiday dress-up & 'old' but 'great' party clothes. My feelings did get hurt when I found she put most of them into a local clothing consignment shop & made a whopping $250. I would have felt a lot better if she had simply told me she'd like to do that in advance. I know I probably wouldn't have objected. The whole point of opening & gifting my closet to her was to help her out and by golly I sure did.
* * *
The point is if you have 'special stuff' you don't mind putting the time & effort to get to a 'retro shop', a 'costume shop' ~ regular clothing consignment shop ~ there's money to be made in them there clothes.
* * *
But of course, anything that is very special to you like John's hat, would prolly be better kept.
* * *
I'm am now fashionably unfashionable as my daily blue jeans & sweat shirt attest to. Luv ya both! I'm @grammakaye on twitter.

Lynne Henderson said...

I love big picture-brim hats, and, being of West Indian descent, I have my big broad straw hats I wear in Summer, complete with deadly hatpins LOL And I love the look of 40s-50s party outfits---for example, the dress Bette Davis wore in the "bumpy night" party scene in "All About Eve." And nothing beats a black-tie gown with daring decolettage . . .

Anonymous said...

Hi Emily I'm almost 72 years young and married to Linda Hine Perkovich. We live in Shelton, CT. I work in Quality Assurance at Sikorsky Aircraft in Stratford,CT and I'm very interested in the fine arts and The Great American Song book. I'm a big fan of Michael Feinstein, Tony Bennett, Tony DeSare and other great singers. I also love jazz and the theatre as well and I like to think positive.