Friday, November 25, 2011


I pay attention to what Hillary Clinton says and does, and of course, how she looks.

The latest articles about Hillary suggest a tougher, harsher woman. I still have a vision of her in the room with Obama -- a scary vision of thoughtful, wise people hoping, waiting for, wanting Bin Laden dead.

Now we have photos of the bloodied corpse of Gaddafi and yes, we know our State Department and Hillary wanted him OUT of this world, because in it, he killed every possibility of freedom for his people. Hillary laughed as she told a reporter." We came, we saw, he died!

Killing a human -- even someone who's evil -- chills me. And Hillary tossing her head
-- wind in her hair, her latest hairdo in disarray -- her enjoying the moment doesn't feel right to me, even though I know that she has seen the horrors of what Gaddafi did to his people.

Back in the early nineties, My first impression of Hillary Clinton -- bleached blond, who didn't bleach her eyebrows -- it said to me that she was a confident woman, pleasing a famous, important husband, who liked blonds.

Seeing Mr. and Mrs. Clinton the first time on TV, she seemed to be a highly educated, know-it-all, secure wife. Even though I wondered about Bill Clintons's affair with Gennifer Flowers, Hillary's attitude toward the "other woman" pushed it out of my mind ... almost.

That Hillary's heath plan was summarily dismissed bothered me -- why did our new President encourage his wife to create it? Surely he discussed it with her. Why didn't we hear more details about the plan? Anyway, I admired the way Hillary smoothly, uncomplainingly disappeared into wifely duties, and changed her style.

(She wore more colorful clothes, more lipstick, and clipped her hair back, sometimes wore a headband. Was that when she started tweezing, bleaching her eyebrows? )

When whatshername? the secretary, sued Clinton, yuck! The hotel room scene, the woman's attention-getting revelations, and other rumors about other women that were in the headlines -- true or false? I didn't want to deal with it. I liked the sense of unity I got from the Bill, Hill, and their daughter Chelsea, until ... BOOM, CRASH.

Monica Lewinisky ... Bill's lies -- the impeachment drama we devoured on TV along with nasty stories about Hillary's friend who killed himself and Whitewater real estate -- the endless investigations by lawyer, Kenneth Starr.

Amazing, that I still remember Flowers, Starr, Whitewater and whatshername, and the Hillary with another hairdo who emerged from the mud and ugliness -- new home in Chappaqua, New York -- out of the blue, her run to become Senator. It was an exciting win for Hillary -- I celebrated with the loving happy wife hugging Bill and Chelsea!

No need for me to recapitulate the pants-suited Hillary, her new look (shorter permed, coifed hair), the energetic, down-to-earth woman who ran for president and discussed, argued, confronted issues with the wonderful man we elected. Even though I switched and voted for Obama, the loser Hillary's demeanor was -- my God-- she was a remarkably good loser -- not shy about expressing her disappointment, up front about the millions she'd spent on campaigning, not bitter, or resentful. Hillary was matter-of-fact, practical, respectful as well as realistic, graceful, and quite cordial, as she supported the winner.

When Hillary agreed to be Obama's Secretary of State, I felt safer and rejoiced, and I continue to celebrate Hillary Rodham Clinton. She's become, for me, America's number-one heroine.

Yes, with the Republicans' hammering away on "poor Obama, our the failing president," who hasn't wondered what would have happened if Hilary had been elected?

I've wondered, but only briefly. We have two trustworthy, exceptionally brilliant people working together, and it works. Even so, her hairdo tells me something in her is turmoiling, compelling her to change what she sees in the mirror and present herself in a new way -- a way that might be construed as younger, more attractive to -- men? or other women?

When I wear more eye makeup, lipstick. a ribbon, or scarf that looks pretty, it's for men. If I wear glamorous, expensive things I'll be more attractive to women.

The picture on the left was recently on the cover of Time. -- more makeup, longer, loose unconfined hair, pearls, bracelets, ruffles peeping out of a tailored chic suit -- it tells me that the older wiser Hillary is perceiving a lot of things. Though Bill speaks as if they're living together, these days the Clintons are miles apart, and we're waiting to hear about Chelsea and a grandchild.

Hillary made a strong announcement a few months ago about women and the family being her main concern for the rest of the 21st Century. But I'm not sure where she is heading. It wasn't clear then, and it isn't clear now if she will continue as Secretary of State.

Her hairdo says (to me), that Hillary Clinton is not sure. She's not happy with the way she is now. Well ... who is, when you know that yesterday you were younger and there were more things that you'd never experienced to look forward to?

I'd like to tell her, send her a message by carrier pigeon, or put it in a four-inch caps in the NY Times. "Hey, Hillary, whatever you do, I'll be in your corner, cheering you on."


Gennady said...

Very heavy (to me) reading, not for leisure online pastime and blah-blah-blah.

A woman killing by words another for murdering and rejoicing it

Anonymous said...

Wonderful lady-and great blog! Hillary Clinton is a woman of great worth and value to us all. I admire and listen to her whatever she is doing. I know you want Obama to win the next elelction, but if Hillary runs for president-I am going to vote for her-I think she would make a great one, whatever hairdo she is wearing! kam Kathleen Ann McGee

Gennady said...

please do not approve my previous comment.
In second (and following) reading(s), I understood that I probably feel quite differently from what you wanted to convey.

For me, it is extremely weird and macabre when anyone, especially a woman, pursues and wishes murdering.

And wishes it publicly without hiding such inclinations and then, again publicly, rejoice the murdering.
Well, this misfortune can happen to anybody but it is something to hide but not enjoy it publicly
I sincerely consider this insane

Though, others can feel it explainable and excusable to support such people

Carola said...

I'll be cheering her too. I think her hair and her looks show how she is feeling confident and on top of this, and perhaps she sees release ahead, I don't know. By the way, I understand that she went blonde because Barbara Walters or someone advised her to do that when she started going grey, because the grey wouldn't show as much.

Naomi said...

Hillary Clinton is one tough broad, and perhaps her hairdo means very little to her now with her accomplishments as Secretary of State. Would that Obama would resign and Hillary would run again -- we might get out of this morass we're in now. The republicans are hopeless and I am completely disappointed in Obama. She is the consummate politician and leader!