Sunday, November 27, 2011

BAD GUYS (video)

No doubt about it -- the Cullums can't stop complaining about the major corporations, they don't trust.

Top of the list of un-favorite things are the guys who are promoting, with carefully constructed campaigns, reasons for us to support them, buy their products, and buy into the idea that they are altruistically helping us lead better lives.

Yes, it's Halliburton, Oil Companies, and Fracking.

Plus, our friends say they hate: Dems, Repubs Do-Nothing Politicians, Bank of America, Time Warner, Monsanto, Subcommittee in DC, Comcast. Talipia, Blue Fin GMO Fish, High Fructose Syrup. Planned Parenthood, Penn Football Coach, Godfather Pizza, Russ Limbaugh, Skinny Fashion Models, Herman Cain, Religious Zealots, Coco-Cola, Doomsday Predictions.

Even so, John's pet hate is medical ads. Em hates their mattress. John tries, but can't comfort Em when she calls the manufacturers "Big fat Liars!"


Ameer S. Washington said...

I enjoyed the video, quite funny, especially the part about the mattress. I was definitely interested to find that you both agree with me in regard to medical commercials and the new pills that they market. When you hear about all the side effects, you have to wonder why anyone would want to take them. I'd rather wait it out than to risk half the side effects on the packaging. And of course the big corporations have to smile on TV while they rape the little guy blind out of his home, money and health.

Carola said...

From talking to friends, I have concluded that Tempurpedic and also pillowtop mattresses do not have long life-spans (although yours sounds shorter than usual). The solution for pillowtops is to buy a pillowtop cover to put over your firm mattress. Then you can just replace it when it wears out. But I don't know if there is a way to do that for tempurpedics.

Anonymous said...

Great blog Em about the evil corporations and their advertisements that fool you. Enjoyed hearing about your mattress problems. will never buy one. I agree with John on the pill advertisements and the long list of side effects if you take their pill! The cure sounds worse than the disease! kam

Linda Phillips said...

Caola, there is...I have a Tempurpedic clone 3" or 4 " pad on my regular mattress..which has a special cover on it to protect it from moisture (in my case perspiration). It was about $300 I think or maybe $250 about 4 years ago on It is very comfortable and has saved me from having to get a new mattress. Mine is supposed to be for people who need to sleep cool.... presumably to keep me from perspiring.

It was my dream to eventually get a full Tempurpedic mattress or a good quality clone. They are all called Memory Foam.

grammakaye said...

Your videos are always so close to 'personally visiting' with you two! I enjoy them & you both so much.
* * *
My personal conviction about "Lying Advertising"....

Any time I hear a commercial & think this phrase ~ "If bullsh*t were music, you'd be a brass band." I know it's a 'lyin' ad'. If I additionally think it's extra loud, outta tune, outta key, it is then an 'exceptionally lyin' ad' ~
* * *
This is how I avoided buying that Tempurpedic mattress & kept on with regular old style but terrific Serta mattress. I simply could't imagine them sweet sheep would lie either & for me they tell the truth because I sleep soundly on my Serta. The times I'm not sleeping soundly on my Serta has nothing to do with the mattress & everything to do with 'me'.
* * *
* * *
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