Saturday, November 19, 2011


Em reminds John Cullum how difficult it is for her to accompany him to any museum. By the time he has oriented himself, she's finished and ready to leave.

Is it incompatibility or a basic difference in their minds?

Em thinks John approaches new plays, new scripts, in the same way he approaches an excursion to New York City's Metropolitan Museum or MoMA, the Museum of Modern Art.


محمد said...

God bless you ^_^

Anonymous said...

Very cute and interesting discussion about going together to the museum. How do you and John do shopping together? Once a year my friends take me to the KC Art Gallery via my wheelchair and we go sort of slow. But, we always have fun and learn something new with the exhibits. I get bored if we go to slow, like you Em....kam

Linda Phillips said...

Well, I don't think I could go with either of you as I spend a lot of time on works that I find fascinating and skip quickly by things that I am not attracted to.

But it sure would be fun to do once anyway.

Carola said...

My husband reads every label and I go through more quickly. Then I sit down near the end and do people-watching (one of my favorite activities) until he catches up.

grammakaye said...

I guess we process people, places & things at our own pace & in our own ways...I wouldn't call your museum styles 'incompatible' ~ simply a diversity that you both seem to respect. (As I now leave to go try to look up that word 'air-rio-dite'.) I'm @grammakaye on twitter.