Sunday, April 1, 2012


John Cullum talks about acting with Jack Lemmon and George C. Scott -- what it was like playing the Judge during the remaking of the movie "INHERIT THE WIND, the 1999 television production with Jack Lemmon playing Clarence Darrow, and George C. Scott playing the prosecutor.

Lemmon said he was channeling Darrow; George C. Scott was very ill, on his last legs.

When a shoot ends, often gifts are exchanged. John is wearing his "Inherit the Wind" gift, a black and grey velvet shirt.''


Maureen Jacobs said...

Thank you for making my Sunday morning! Heading out early with the family to enjoy the morning.

Love and light and 30,000 smiles to you both.


Unknown said...

WOW! You know I love it when you two make videos, just love it! Thank you for a glimpse we would never otherwise have gotten into the making of Inherit The Wind, Jack Lemmon & George C. Scott.~
* * *
It is a treasure for you to 'include us' with the telling of these memories. Much love to you Ms. Em & your John Cullum and FAMILY! :) I'm @grammakaye on twitter.

Anonymous said...

Wonderful video of you and John. Loved his Inherit the wind story and great memories of Jack and George in that movie.
I love the shirt and it's story also. Brought a smile to my face. I bet John made a great judge! kam

Carola said...

It does look like a very nice shirt. Too bad about the watch. You would think the wardrobe person would have caught that.

Linda Phillips said...

How fascinating to hear about the personalities of George C. Scott and Jack Lemmon. I always adored Jack Lemmon in anything. I didn't know him, but did see him twice in real life. Once was in F.R. Trippler, a men's clothing store in NYC. I had designed a floor there and was checking it over. He and I were the only people on the floor. I was in such awe. I would never have disturbed him, but I got to observe him for a few minutes and was so impressed by how elegant he seemed, also far more handsome than he photographed.

A second time that I saw him in person was many years before that. I was at a resort in Ochos Rios, Jamaica, where he was shooting a film. He was with his wife Felicia Farr.

I always admired George C. Scott as well. Both were wonderful actors.

John has had the richest life with all the amazing people he has worked with. I am so in awe of John (I know I used that word twice, but it fits) and yet he is so very down to earth. I applaud you John Cullum. What a career you have had!

Thank you for sharing your wonderful life with us.