Saturday, June 2, 2012


What is it that happens to John Cullum at celeb parties? It's a brain freeze! Names disappear!

Old friends -- fellow actors whom he knows well -- their names are not on the tip of his tongue. Even very famous movie stars whom he knows, suddenly, horrifyingly, become "um ... ah ..." nameless.

It's tricky. Especially when John Cullum needs to introduce wife Em.

But like a team, they've evolved quite a few ways to avoid what could turn out to be a face-aching "name jam.



Anonymous said...

So cute! You and John made me laugh and smile with this video. You both tell how John turns an intro flub into an OK situation, and Emily helps too. I am terrible at names and sometimes it takes me all day to remember an actor's name....but I do. Thanks for sharing this moment at a celeb party with introductions!kam

Linda Phillips said...

I have the same problem with names as JC does. Years ago I was dating a man for a long time. We were at the theatre. I ran into a man that I knew. I knew his name, but blocked out on my boyfriend's name as I introduced them. I was so embarrassed!

I too confuse Angela Landsbury with Elsa Lanchester and can drive myself nuts during a movie when actors names escape me. I spend half the movie trying to remember the name. Its always on the tip of my tongue and then, suddenly, there it is.

Carola said...

I have had trouble with names since I was in my 30s, long before I had any other memory glitches. So embarrassing when you know somebody quite well and block their name. Now that we're all in our 60s, my friends and I have learned to introduce ourselves at parties, so that our partner doesn't have to come up with names.

Dede said...

I can so relate to John! I have face blindness and have an extremely difficult time remembering someone unless I have met them on multiple occasions.

Anonymous said...

My heart goes out to you, JC. I'm also married to a woman is "practically perfect in every way", just like Merr' Poppins. You handle it very well.

Sudhin Choksey said...

John, you are not alone !!! I tooo have similar problem remebering names and at times the memory gets blank completely. I am sure we have many more. I too have my wife-Anjali to my rescue just like Emily is for you. But most embarassing is when she is not around.No one to cover up for my lapses.

Really enjoyed viewing the video!!! Thank you to both of you for sharing and make me feel that i am not alone.

Peggy Bechko said...

LOL, it's teamwork as Emily said - I have the same problem with names & have a great husband who has the perfect facility with remembering them who run interference for me. Great job you guys.