Thursday, May 31, 2012


Cut off everything that has to do with social networking?

Quit Facebook, quit Tweet?

Yes? No?

This is a question I am asking myself.
Have you asked yourself this question?

It eats up my "work" time.

I am not accomplishing anything with Face Book news feed, likes, comments, or Twitter tweets, re-tweets, favorites, though doing this stuff makes me feel as if I'm accomplishing something.

It's like a drug I'm hooked on. The more I do this social networking stuff, the more I think about it, plan what to say and observe what other net-workers are doing. And the MORE I am hooked.

What I am actually seeing, reading and absorbing is mostly not very important or very interesting. In fact, it's quite boring -- photos, chit-chatty discussions on pets, relatives, dead heroes, film clips, newspaper clips, stuff about the latest political or current issues.

Of course, I'm accruing "likes," subscribers, followers, friends, comments and links to articles, books, blogs, and websites.

C'mon, that's the same as collecting marbles, seashells,

Am I getting more famous? No ... well, my name is more familiar to other people like me who're hooked, feeling they're accomplishing something, like me, on the seed-planting, lowest level of "fame."

Will seed-planting get more people reading my blog? Well, sure, maybe. Will more people buy my e-books? Probably, sure. But it's small potatoes -- small numbers of readers or buyers doesn't mean "fame" You've got to be dealing with ... with ... what's the magic number?. 250,000 people knowing your name?. 500,000? One million?

Hey, that's the answer!

Stop wasting time wondering if it's accomplishing something.

Just do it. Shut up and do it!


Jo Harrison said...

I guess it depends what you use social networking for, I get most of my clients from Twitter for example as I'm self-employed. I don't use Facebook as much in a personal context but then that's because it's now my day job! :)

Peggy Bechko said...

Good point, Em. Meet great folks, have some fun, and let people know what you're doing. Yep, it does eat into work time some times, but with a bit of self-discipline it's definitely worth it.

Maureen Jacobs said...

I chuckled when I read this. I love social media. But sometimes I do need a break......for me it is part of me. Who I am. So I would be lost for any long period of respite. Agrees that keeping up with it all can be trying. I would love to create an app that I can open everything at once.

I have met some very special people via social media, so for me, it is a boon.

If it feels good, do it. If it aggravates you, don't.

Larry Enright said...

In most cases, the people with that many followers are already famous for reasons other than their voyage into social media. Keep writing because you love it. If "fame" comes from that, so will the followers and you will be happy for it. But if "fame" never comes, you will still be happy because you did something you love.

Anonymous said...

Important blog today Em! No, I need facebook and emails to get through my day. I would be lost without emails and facebook friends and newsfeed posts. Gives me something to do and makes me feel like I am accomplishing something worthwhile. kam

Tami Parrington said...

LOL exactly! Shut up and do it! Your Tweet got me here. I'm sure it gets plenty that never actually leave comments. I've read that your "true reach" has to be in the thousands to even make a dent, and in the hundred thousands to have a big impact, but the final answer is if you never do it, you'll never get it.

Carola said...

I have avoided social networking, mostly for privacy reasons, but also because I know that if I started I would be hooked.

Linda Phillips said...

For me being on Facebook is a life saver. I am mainly home bound and I love people. I have met some amazing people on Facebook and formed some wonderful friendships. Like anything else that involves lots of people, there have been those that were not so wonderful, and they are no longer part of my circle of friends.

I do belong to Twitter, but find it very confusing and have never used it.

I would really be lonely without Facebook. I have nothing to promote. I am only there to interact with people. I would never leave.

Sudhin Choksey said...

Yes, you have a point. I have felt so often that it's a time waster and addictive too. I did try to exit. But then you realise that you miss a lot of positive aspects of being on Twitter. The opportunity of meeting and knowing individuals across the globe. But for twitter, I would not be reading your this blog and know your thoughts and views. In a way, I now know some part of Emily. I then feel it ips worth it. Yes, a discipline is required by keeping a time slot.