Saturday, July 28, 2012


"Have you ever hated someone?" Em asks John Cullum.

Em feels it's not an emotion she could ever feel toward another human.

John suggests where "hate" comes from and how it develops, though he too, has never hated anything, or anyone.

Could he play "hate, murderous rage" in a play?

John Cullum says yes,and explains how he'd do it.


LaurenYarger said...
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LaurenYarger said...

An exrcellent post, Em, and a timely questkon given all the hate being flung aroung these days.
I can't say I have hated anyone, but I have felt it directed towatd me. It seems to be the trend these days to hate Christians or to assume anyone who is a Christian hates gays or liberals, or whatever is poliyically correct- so I feel that amd it hurts.
I also felt hatred directed toward me as the news of 9/11 was broadcast and a group of Palestinians cheered and took obsene pleasure in such a horrible act. It chilled me to the bone. Because I have felt hatred directed toward me and know the venom of its sting, I don't ever want to be on the other end, inflicting its pain on anyone else.

Carola said...

John's talk of disliking people reminded me that I have learned that if I dislike someone they will inevitably dislike me back. So I try to figure out good things about the people I might dislike.

Linda Phillips said...

Oh, I have hated. I was victim to a bully when I was kid. A girl who tormented me and physically harmed me all through early grade school. Today I understand why she was the way that she was to me, and it was her emotional issues and not me that she was taking out her vengeance on. As an adult, I forgave her, but she made my life dreadful in those days.

I have not very nice feelings about Dick Cheney. I think he is a truly evil man.

Today, I really do not hate. I look for the core of why this person upsets me so much and focus my anger on that.

@joegullar said...

Control our hatred is a great challenge for us humans. Though I consider that there are feelings - good or bad - which are deeply connected to our biological structure. There are many human characteristics that can only be improved through a slow evolution by natural selection. It will take thousands - or millions - of years. However, during our lifetime, every effort should be directed to seek beauty and truth. As we leave Earth we should be better than when we arrived here. Seed planted, mission accomplished.

Al Leblanc said...

Enjoyed your dialogue on hate ! I too cannot hate or hold a hate grudge against fellow humans,even terrorists ! History is full haters who have destroyed others and themselves in so doing. However, I am not indifferent to combating hatred and "unnecessary unjust wars"

Have been trying to have message go viral "Let there be peace on earth and let it begin with me" &u/usall. RT Opportunity for somebody/anybody. Nobody interested ! Only takes a fleeting moment. Indifference ? Message not trivial enough ? Need Lady Gaga
Support (tried) ?