Sunday, July 22, 2012


John leads the discussion -- spur of the moment declares that communication is better, but where is it heading?

Even so, it's on John's and Em's BETTER list.

Is travel better? What about politics? The economy? The cost of things nowadays?

The topic of what's better or worse unites John and Em.

What's better than ever is their togetherness.


Anonymous said...

Everyone has their own opinion about what is better and worse. But, I agree with you and John on these matters. Transporation is worse and the fight for democracy is making headway, although still far to go. I think the upcoming presidential election will tell how much better or worse the US is going. We will hope for the best! kam

Anonymous said...

I think women are less interested in how they look nowadays. They should try and look more feminine. No offense meant.

Carola said...

Winston Churchill said that democracy was the most awful form of government, until you considered the alternatives.

Linda Phillips said...

Agree...Communication has never been better. Food has never been better. Politics has never been worse. The cost of living has never been worse.

Are we living in a good time to be living in? In some ways yes. In some ways no.

I find our political system infuriating and severely frustrating. I also fear that we are living in a plutocracy. Corporations are controlling our government and our world. I don't see that as ever getting better. To me that is very frightening. I would trade you an IPhone for a little more individual freedom and control of our lives any day.

Unknown said...

I think it is not necessarily a question regarding what is better or worse but rather how we use this increasing flow of information to improve our chances as coexisting as a collective humanity moving forward, as opposed to just using information to fulfil self centred ideals or egotistical behaviours, especially as more and more of us are more concerned with absorbing and obtaining information as opposed to just living life and the amazing experiences it beings. All in all a great post and one that stimulated thought and promotes robust debate.