Thursday, August 9, 2012


Why am I writing about him? His looks? I like his looks. Also, I'm still interested in all that stuff that was all over the news, on every channel, about his weird behavior.

Last March, when he was raving and ranting a few times a day on TV, I figured he was finished as an actor. He was ridiculous, seriously nutty. Well, today, he is probably a bigger name and more of a star than ever.

Very likely, you know more about Sheen than I do. When I saw "Platoon" back in the late eighties, I thought he was a good actor, not as good as his dad, Martin Sheen, but definitely interesting.

In reading about the various films the 46-year-old Charlie's done, the awards, the nominations, all the things that got Charlie Sheen's name on the walk of fame in Hollywood, what caught my attention was the first movie he created -- "Discovery Mars," a video documentary, and also the action movie that sheen wrote, produced and starred -- "No Code of Conduct."

That other Charlie -- the brain, the creative artist aspect of him -- it's in his face -- the wrinkle in his brow between his eyes -- the bored, cynical, impatience he projects.

Sheen hit the small screen in 2000,. replacing Michael J. Fox for the last two seasons of the sitcom "Spin City." Three years later, Sheen was cast as Charlie Harper in the CBS sitcom "Two and a Half Men" -- a show that was loosely based on Sheen's bad boy image, and over the years, the show has become a reality show about the real Charlie's alcohol and drug use, his martial abuse, and divorces.

He has a memorable style in the way he delivers his lines. The pause, the takes, (as if he's thinking), then rat-tat-tat -- out comes a dry, crisp line, that gets a laugh. Funny or not, the pause, his dry delivery, quite often makes you think it's funny even when it's not.

Last year, during his eighth and final season on the show, Sheen was paid a record $1.8 million per episode.

It wasn't a show I watched for more than a minutes or two over the years, but I certainly heard about it, and after seeing last year's freaked-out Charlie, I was relieved when Warner Brothers announced that they fired him from "Two and a Half Men," after "careful consideration."

I can't help wondering if Sheen wanted to be fired -- wanted more money? Or a new show? This man is a very intelligent, shrewd, experienced star.

He's got it -- "Anger Management." I saw the premiere. I never got really absorbed in watching the show -- I was restless, couldn't believe the plot, or get involved in any of the scenes,. Charlie was playing a therapist helping a group of neurotic patients. ( In my head, I kept hearing the guy who wrote this show selling his idea, thrilling everyone involved when he said "Let's write a show about Charlie handling his own anger.")

The reviews from major and minor critics for the first episodes have not been good.

Will the show nevertheless succeed? It seems like a re-hash of what has been rehashed too many times.

I'm writing this to tell Charlie-- "I'm a fan. Sit tight, you'll get lots of offers. Wait for a script about the side of you very few people know. Maybe your dad, your wives know you, but I would love to get know the grownup guy, the actor artist, who can write, direct, and produce. "

I think a film, even another TV series based on THAT Sheen, would be absorbing, even quite fascinating.


Rob Hakesley said...

I agree Em. With all the media attention, tour, and zany quotes I thought right away that Charlie Sheen or a (the) Network was up to something. In other words, the whole thing was staged and choreographed for the reasons you have mentioned in the article above. That's show business. I guess now we can wait for the Michael Jackson "I'm not really dead tour".

Unknown said...

Really Em? I find him despicable. He's a drug addict who abuses women and a spoiled brat.

His father is a wonderful actor who has been involved in all kinds of causes and many are political.

To me, Charlie Sheen is a mediocre actor with loads of negative issues and I could care less about him.

Carola said...

He's a good actor. I feel sorry for his Dad.

Anonymous said...

I like Charlie Sheen and his boyish looks. I don't care for him so much as an actor. I did watch some of 2 and 1/2 Men and enjoyed it. Haven't seen him in very many movies. He needs to straighten up his act to succeed I think.

Billy Ray Chitwood said...

Hi, Em,

Your 'Em's Talkery' post says it all about Charlie Sheen. From my perspective, the life was taken from 'Two And A Half Men' when Sheen was replaced. Could a reincarnation take place? Stranger things have happened! If he showed up on an episode and announced his demise as a great ruse, the network would likely regain its audience at that time slot. Nothing against Ashton Kutcher except perhaps his acting skills.

On a personal level, there are all kinds of personalities in the world as there are all the flavors of ice cream. As simplistic as it sounds, Charlie Sheen is who he is, his motives for actions only he can know. I like his comic talent, his rhythmic and easy connection to the audience. Do I like his ranting and raving? No, indeed not, but I don't have to be part of that listening audience.

In short summary, for me, he needs to shed some of the ranting 'ragged clothes' and come back to us, bring his undeniable talent back to the people who recognize it. We are a forgiving people of 'rants and raves,' I believe, and we would embrace Charlie Sheen all over again.

My best to you. You write so well.


Billy Ray Chitwood (A devoted twitter follower)

Maureen Jacobs said...

Good for Charlie. Regardless of his transgressions, he still strives for the top.


OR said...

I think he's a brilliant actor too. The trouble with many actors -- and, actresses, is that they are very insecure. :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Em. I've never been a Charlie fan. Haven't seen Platoon, didn't watch Two and A Half men.
His behaviour during his meltdown last year didn't make me want to see any of his work, either.
So I thought at first that I had nothing to say to him.
I'll take your word that he's a great actor and a shrewd man.
If my husband or son had Charlie's life style, I'd be very concerned.
Who knows where his life choices will take him?
So, for the sake of his parents and family, I'll wish Charlie Sheen all the best.
Louise Sorensen
louise3anne twitter

Unknown said...

Hmmm. Well I loved Two and Half Men. I didn't however love it just for Charlie Sheen . I thought all the actors played off each other brilliantly.

If I had to say who I thought was the stand out then, when he was still on the show, I would have said either the child or the housekeeper. I didn't think it was just Charlie that made the show. It hasn't though done very well without him but then a puzzle piece only needs one little piece to be missing before it isn't really any good anymore.

I do think that he seemed to recover quite quickly from his supposed bout of madness, I did think at the time it may have been orchestrated. I think he's a very clever man and if his actions hadn't have hurt anyone I would have thought it brilliant but there's no excuse for treating people the way he did at the time.

I hope he truly is sorry. I guess time will tell.

E P Vaughn said...

Charlie's a pretty good example of the old axiom, "It don't matter what they say about you as long as they talk about you". Guess that isn't true if you're a preacher or an educator. At any rate, he's proven that he can get away with just about anything.

I've never watched any of his TV stuff so I'm certainly not an authority as to what he should be doing professionally. I have to believe, however that he's a lonely and sad man when he closes his eyes for sleep at night. His selfish, thoughtless, and irresponsible behavior will have made it virtually impossible for him to maintain a healthy loving relationship with anyone… And that's the most important ingredient for a happy life in my book.

Unknown said...

That boy has set some kind of world record for bad behavior. He needs my friend Roy Dupree to straighten his ass out.

Roy'd have him standing tall and doin' right in no time flat. Course he might have a sore ass too.

Anonymous said...

Julian Speed

Charlie Sheen didn't have to act on Two and a Half Men, because his character was somewhat a true portrayal of himself outside the studio. I dont know how much accuracy there is in the previous statement,but that is what I have heard. I'm sure its not half far from the truth.

In all candor I think he's a fine actor and its unfortunate that things turned out the way they did.

There are some if not many people in this world who like to see or savour falling stars (no pun intended) for what ever reason be it jealousy or ill will. I despise jealousy btw. One of my pet peeves.

It is good to see individuals rather they are a star in the limelight or not turn their lives around.

I wish Charlie Sheen or any other person who is of good will or intent the best in their endeavours. We have watched individuals turn their lives around regardless of the profession they are in. Guess we'll see.