Saturday, August 11, 2012


When Emily Frankel declares the subject to be discussed, is shopping for boxers, John Cullum is perturbed. He wonders why they're discussing his underwear, but Em insists it's important to communicate how shopping has changed.

With old larger stores gone in their area, the Chelsea section of New York City, and small new stores replacing them, the Cullums discover there's a new sort of shopper's protocol, as they inquire in various new stores about boxers.

Purchasing them, explaining they are his summertime pajamas, John insists on referring to them as his "bloomers."


Anonymous said...

Delightful video! You and John discussing boxers and shopping made me smile and laugh. I would be at a loss if I went shopping today. I have worn the same tops and shorts for 6 years. In the summer I wear big oversize boxer type shorts and in the winter I wear soft pj type leg pants over them and am quite comfy and cute. Thanks for sharing your adventure!

Billy Ray Chitwood said...

Okay, I'm not talking about my underwear! :-) but cute, very cute... My best to you both.

Billy Ray

Carola said...

I remember shopping on 14th Street so well. I remember S. Kleins on Union Square. I suppose it has been gone for decades.

Kevin Daly said...

Today I was helping my parents go clothes shopping at the local Kohls. I found a shirt I liked and wanted for myself, only they didn't have in my size. When I asked the department attendant if they had it in a medium, he said (incredulously) "Oh, I wouldn't know that!" and walked away.

Sign of how times have changed, I went online and got exactly what I wanted at the store's website.

Unknown said...

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