Tuesday, September 18, 2012


Matt Harding, in his 20s, was a video-game designer, broke, traveling the world on a shoe-string.

That's him in a reddish T shirt, and shorts.

On a whim, in 1997, he put together this video, “Where the Hell Is Matt?” -- short clips of himself, a non-dancer, doing a few dance steps. He started doing it in one location after another, picking up other people's steps as they learned his.

Some of Matt's clips were made while he was working for a chewing gum company called Stride. Visa Credit Cards hired him to do TV ads for them. A few months ago, Matt Harding put together all the clips and made a video for 2012. He’s 35 now -- he’s got a house in Seattle, he's got a wife and baby son dancing with him nowadays.

Here's the video.


Peggy Bechko said...

This is a wonderful, fabulous video -- I found Matt's website and signed up to dance along with him should he ever be in an area where I am. What fun.

Anonymous said...

What a fun video and story behind it! Loved all the different countries, the song and the dancing makes you feel like joining it. Very inspiring and interesting. Hats off to Matt!

Claudia said...

Sat watching it alone but applauded at the end! Just had to! That was beautiful. Thanks for sharing it, Em.

Unknown said...

Wonderful thing is that man learns lessons from this life
Not for the dance of what this man was happy
Dance knowing that looks more beautiful life