Monday, September 10, 2012


Every morning I stand tall.

I look at the clock. It's usually 6:50. I march into my dance studio-theater, striding with long, bold steps, looking straight ahead and beyond so that my head is high. I cross the 40 foot floor.

I hear my sneakers squeak. I dismiss my do-this- do-that morning thoughts.

If "stand up straight" worked like a mantra, I'd be peachy fine -- perky, zesty, quite attractive looking. Alas, commanding myself like the boss, director, choreographer, doesn't work anymore.

If you are very sloppy, very slumped over, or dumpy looking, you can read what I've said about this in blogs I wrote back in 2009 --"SSS" (Sit, Stand, Straight), or "Promenade." But I'm not encouraging you to click the links -- the fact is, I am older and wiser now.

How you look when you enter a room is more important than weight, diction, hair style, makeup, or what you're wearing. Even if no one sees you, it makes a difference.

It's an inner thing of pride and confidence. When you like yourself, you think more clearly and accomplish more -- you do whatever you are doing better -- more efficiently, more skillfully, accurately and thoroughly.

How to stand tall:

Be a toothpaste tube.

Squeeze yourself in the middle -- front, back, sides, all around. While you're squeezing count ten chimpanzees -- "one chimpanzee -- two, three," etc.

That's it. If you want to do more, toothpaste tube yourself three times a day.

And three times a day, go to a wall.

Stand against it... heels,
back of legs,
your waist,
your upper back,
your shoulders,
back of your head.
And count ten chimpanzees.

If you want to do more, do this three times a day.


Peggy Bechko said...

Thanks, Em, love it - so important to take a few minutes and do this. Take out the slouch and spine squiggle and stand tall.

Carola said...

If only my family and I could have figured out a better way to get me to stand tall when I was young. I am paying for it now. My PT says they should have warned me about the pain of compression fractures, but that wouldn't have worked. Maybe the toothpaste tube would have worked.

The May Day Challenge said...

Thanks, Em. I like doability very much. And older & wiser is good too. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

thx you, works great, and feels good, will do this often

Billy Ray Chitwood said...

My pride and confidence are still there, but that essing-1, essing-2, and essing-3 left me with those years I lost. For me, walking as straight as the bones, flesh, and muscles will allow is the only effort I'm willing to expend these days.
My rather sloppy essing-1 is with a laptop, trying really hard to write some clever lines that someone might like. So many things are gone to me but there is the sea, the sun, the surf, a great wife, and my writing --- such as it is.
Keep writing, Em. That's what I'm going to be doing. Maybe before I'm gone that 'viral' thing will bring some latter day fame.
Billy Ray

Anonymous said...

Encouraging blog today! I like your exercies Em and am trying them out for fun. Yes, feeling happy with yourself is a good way to start each day...thanks for sharing! kam

Unknown said...

Great Tips Em! I'll give them a try :)

kitjoegia said...

I know Em it takes so little to make one feel just that little bit more empowered or just part of this world.x

E. P. Vaughn said...

That really sounds like a great idea, Em―I know it would be good for me. Been planning to get up and try it all day… Possibly maƱana.

I'm one of those people who probably needs a personal trainer. Can't seem to get motivated to exert myself unless the effort accomplishes some tangible result.

Thanks for the idea.

Anonymous said...

Julian Speed
Excellent blog post EM. Encouraging to hear. :-)
My aunt is a stickler when it comes to this-"Stand up straight young man."

Sometimes the way a person walks or sits speaks volumes and if you dont have self confidence and feel good on the inside it will show.

Awesome! tips and advice. :-)