Wednesday, October 24, 2012


As you're waking up with thoughts flying helter-skelter -- chores, memories, toilet twinge, leg cramp -- you want more sleep. You close your eyes -- suddenly, POP.  An idea pops. 

Be it a trip to take, or a powerful longing to do, say, try something, or nothing important -- that POP colors the day that unfolds.

My husband works -- is established, has had a busy, successful career as an actor.  But what's next for him is a long corridor, a dark hallway with ... oh, maybe a light bulb here and there, stuck in one of the walls. The phone will ring -- his agent will call with a new project. He doesn't have to do anything but be what he already is -- cheerful, positive, ready to dig into whatever possibilities come his way.

For me it's different. I'm a self employed writer, blogger, ex-dancer, wife, mom -- when the phone rings, it's for my husband or for me as the landlady -- we own the building where we live.

Waking, doing the usual washing, dressing, coffee-making, putting away last  night's washed dishes -- with coffee cup in hand, I head down a hallway I painted pink, and gallop downstairs to turn on my computer  and POP.


I grab it.

Whatever it is -- a big wham of a thought or a looney-tune tinkle -- be it a penny, spool of thread, or needle -- wherever the money goes -- who cares where the money goes -- GO -- fourth dimension, or zero tiny impulse -- from that easily un-noticeable brain itch, comes great ideas.

Make that a new rule -- grab any tingle -- whatever you find in your mind, grab it and do.  



Anonymous said...

Anytime I have a lightbulb moment I grab a piece of paper and write it down. Then I don't have to remember it. Because I never would!
These ideas usually involve a writing piece.
One good thing I've noticed as I've gotten older: I've learned to stay on track. I have a routine, but it's subject to 'alarms and excursions' as Stephen King says in his book 'On Writing.'
So this pitbull tenacity to keep coming back to a piece of work in progress 'wip' until it's finished, is effective.
I timed my morning routine. Two hours!
Laundry, cleanup, critter feeding, plant care, dishes, until I can get on the comp.
With so many distractions, it's important to preserve those lightbulb moments!
Great post. Thank you for sharing.
Louise Sorensen
louise3anne twitter

Anonymous said...

I love Tony Newley..or should I say loved...saw him on Broadway in both Stop the World and Roar of the Greasepaint. Pure genius.

Now as to you my dear...another genius totally amaze me the way you constantly come up with fresh, new and fascinating ideas for your blog.

I applaud you both. What a charming and lovely way to start my day. Thank you for this!

Linda Phillips

OR said...

I do every day. However, I keep going 'cuz I know that i am merely only mildly a nut.

Carola said...

Through the years I've had ideas for things that ought to be invented - a gadget for this or that. Of course I never follow up, but what if I had....

Anonymous said...

Great blog today Em. You probably have lots of brain ideas pop into your head these days. Mine are more subdued and infreguent I think due to my many strokes.
I love your drawing today. It looks like you wound up with brillant new ideas. kam

Anonymous said...

Just like Linda Phillips said, to paraphrase: If I have an idea I just write it down and try to make the best of it. Sometimes the neat ideas just come at you by chance such as run in with a stranger, the meaning behind a song or some crazy random thought that comes out of no where while driving.

It's nice that we all have the opportunity here in the US to take an idea and run with it rather its self expression or something tangible. It's unfortunate that its not like that throughtout the world.

Julian Speed

Unknown said...

I try and type up ideas while they’re still in my head but I have to say some get lost while I’m busy in the morning. I do find though that they’ll trickle back through the day if I’m lucky :)

Maureen Jacobs said...

My trick is to make sure everyone has a journal. Both my 7yo and my 11 yo have them as do my husband and I. It is by our beds and ready for any idea that pops up in house. I think life sometimes pushes them back, but writing it down makes sure it does not go away.