Thursday, October 18, 2012


My day is filled with UN-realities.  I don't have a paying job.  I employ myself.   I am very busy doing my work. I don't earn money from it.

Generally, people work to earn money.

What am I getting? Fame? No. Busyness is what I am getting. A reason for getting up in the morning.

I write a blog. I am, after three years of "blogging," hooked on blogging.  Actually, I don't even like the word, but I push that out of my mind.

 I write  a reaction, my reaction to various subjects. It's sort of a log of what's been happening in my personal world --  the world of my home -- and the things that are  happening in the real world -- events  that seem important, NOT politics or wars, but sociological stuff --  the relation of the event to older things that have been a part of my real life that affect my husband and family.

So  my "blog" is a blabbing log,  What I write is sort of like a conversation with imaginary readers, not real people. 

The  people who read my blog  come and go. They discover me, "wow," like me, read my blog for a week, or two, even a couple of months. They are "onliners."  Onliners are not real people. They're mostly folks like me who don't have a paying job, who keep busy, and feel they are accomplishing something when they're on line.

   Actually, what does "online" mean?

You're sort of holding a tube, an imaginary skinny tube -- you can't really picture yourself wriggling through it, or being blown through it to another location.  Despite the fact that you can't see yourself traveling, you are -- thanks to the skinny tube.  It's amazing. You are there in another person's mind, in another part of the world. It's a place and a person you don't know, but you are THERE with him/her/it.

So, that's what I do. I travel in the tube and connect with others who are unreal, like me.  At times this is somewhat disturbing.

What's real?

I have a real husband; a real son whom I don't see very often, but when he visits, he's tangible, touchable, embraceable. There are other real people with whom I interact -- two employees, and friends with whom we dine -- not very  often -- they're busy like I'm busy, with UN-realities.

So, the purpose of this 'blow" of ideas through the unreal, wireless tube is networking with ... well, various intangible, untouchable, un-real things.   

Beware  -- a lot of what we get  in tweets, in face book's news feed, in photos, in profile pictures, are places, and things, tons of  photos of animals.  I declare loudly my warning, none of this is real.  Pets, people, places in pictures are not real.

What to do about this?

At least once a day, probably twice a day, maybe -- since eating is ingrained -- three times a day TOUCH, TAP, TICKLE, TACKLE, TEND TO, EMBRACE something really real.


Peggy Bechko said...

Can't argue with you there, Em. I spend a lot of time online as well - but take time away to do my writing work, to be with friends & family, to pet the 'real' dogs.

Still, there are connections I've made online that are very real and I enjoy them a whole lot.

Billy Ray Chitwood said...


A tree falls in the forest hundreds of miles away from anyone --- is there sound? No one is there to hear the crashing of the tree! Reality? Not reality?

You talk to me with words --- I see them here in this reality that is the internet. So, you are real in that I can see you through your words, between the lines of your words, and I can sense and understand a need that must be nourished.

We age and we disengage in so many ways: we feel no longer viable in the world around us; we see the young doing the things we once did; we live in nostalgia and miss the days of youth, bemoan our mistakes and relish our successes. So, we establish our routines to get us through the days; this becomes our reality.

The clock ticks away the seconds of all our realities. The reality of our breathing moves us toward our end destiny with the great beyond. We believe there is more in that great beyond, or, we believe the final darkness is our ultimate reality.

Is there not relativitiy in all things along the compendium of time?

"Cogito. Ergo,sum!" (I think. Therefore, I am!) Descartes perhaps had it figured out. Is not all reality within our realm of thought?
Our anxieties, our doubts, our fears, our truths, our elations, are all crowded within our neuronal wiring. With billions of people in our world, there are always combustible realities. AND, there are always our philosophers, our poets, our politicians, our writers, keeping us informed on the state of our realities.

There are times when pessimism creeps in but is not allowed to stay too long. Hope is at intervals in short supply but seems to replenish itself. Guess we've come to quaintly call these reality times our 'Ups and Downs!'

So I stick pretty close to my routine life, walk along the beach, write, respond to posts and social media, watch TV, take a pill at bedtime to clear the mind of demons, slumber, and awaken to a new day of my realities.

I'm not a 'druggie' but here in my twilight years, that little 'doctor prescribed' oval helps a lot.

Don't you see? It is morning here on The Sea of Cortez and I've given you so much clarity to consider! :-)

Okay, okay, some will consider it 'gobbledy gook' --- you can choose the proper reality.

This is likely not the door you wished to open with your post, but here it is. Take it or leave it. Your post gave the key to open it.

Keep up the good fight, Em.

Billy Ray

Carola said...

I don't spend very much time online. I just dash on, read my emails quickly, answer them as quickly as I can, read the news headlines and I''m off. In fact I don't do justice to replying to emails because for some reason I'm always in a hurry. Occasionally, if I'm depressed or bored, I'll watch a funny cat video, but that's about it. I'm not sure why I'm like this.

OR said...

Em Dearest, to me you are real. I can assure you that I am very real too. I also very much look forward to reading your blogs. For instance, your piece today is very deep. At other times they are uplifting and at different times they're informative. All are worth reading. Please keep up the good work, wonderful lady. God bless John, your son, and you. Yes, I am real! :)!!

Anonymous said...

Em, I do not in any way view you as someone who is just out there in the "Blogishere". We met on Facebook a few years ago and have become truly dear friends.

I don't come and leave. I am really here for you and you are here for me.

I know that doesn't happen every day.

I also know how you put your heart and soul into these blogs as well as everything else that you do. I admire you greatly and love you dearly.

Linda "Anonymous" Phillips

Anonymous said...

I never knew being on line was unreal. I am on the computer everday talking with real people like yourself and embracing real friendships.
My daily pain and challenges are real because I can feel them. I would choose on line unrealily anytime. kam

kitjoegia said...

Yes I have also met some great ppl online as well who have become great friends. But it is unreal at times and one has to come around and reach out to what is real in life.Love hearing about all your stories Em

Anonymous said...

You've really touched a nerve, judging from the enthusiasm of the comments, Em!
But let me ask you this.
If I speak with you on the phone, am I more real than if I write a comment on your blog?
When my grandfather wrote my grandmother a love letter from across the ocean, was it less real than when he told her in person that he loved her?
When a rail road employee telegraphed the next station that the train had been robbed, was the message any less real because it hadn't been delivered in person?
All these kinds of communication are only more sophisticated ways of shouting, from one village to the next, "Haloooooo. Have you got an extra cup of sugar?"
That's the interesting thing about the internet. With a few robotic exceptions, there are actually real people behind the screen.
And they can send you big huggs!
Muah! :-)
Louise Sorensen
louise3anne twitter

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