Saturday, October 20, 2012


In Gatlinburg, TN,  John Cullum was starring in "Chucky Jack," an outdoor drama about the Indian fighter John Sevier, one of the foundering fathers of Tennessee.

Emily Frankel's dance company was playing the Indians. Em's former partner, and ex husband, was the choreographer.

When she saw John, Em remembers thinking -- "that's the best looking man I ever saw."  John was struck by the pert look of her driving the company's extra large station wagon.

He recalls the night he walked by her home in NYC, singing Chucky Jack's theme, the fact that Em heard him, raced downstairs, and invited him in.

"And I never left," John says, and they reminisce.



Charlie Sheen said...

Many will say that love at first sight, but I won't believe this. Love has to be slow and steady and it definitely become some romantic memories. Thank you.

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Anonymous said...

I absolutely adore that story...You two were meant to question about it!


Linda "Anonymous" Phillips

Carola said...

John must have an awfully loud whistle for you to have heard him from the 4th floor.

Anonymous said...

What a wonderfully romantic story! It was fate that you two met and then met again. It is such fun to remember good memories like this. What a great pair you both are, so gifted and talented and you still love each other very much! kam

Unknown said...

Loved hearing this story! I had asked for it! Thank you!

Peggy Bechko said...

Great story - I met my husband in the back of a bookstore. Love the fun and weird tales of meeting.

Billy Ray Chitwood said...

Love just a truck drive away! That most marvelous 'emotion' knows no rules --- it can happen without any 'gear shifts' and without cues...the most marvelous sensation in the world!

Great story.

My best to you both.

Billy Ray

محمد said...

You are beautiful couple , god bless you