Wednesday, January 30, 2013


Black Death  (1411) 

While we worry about getting the flu and wonder if this year's flu is worse than last year's, two books are out on the possibility of a pandemic.

I don't think they're selling like hot cakes. Most people (like me) don't want to think about a pandemic. They just want to know what to do if they get the flu.

Mark Harrison, Director of Oxford University’s History of Medicine unit, has published "Disease, and The Modern World," -- a chronological history of pandemics. Exploring how the next pandemic will happen; he suggests that some current inspection laws result in quarantines actually making us more vulnerable. The regulations are politicized -- for instance, though there's no evidence that virus travel in meat, countries banning pork imports from N. America, have thereby boosted local exporters.

Highly accredited scientific journalist, David Quammen’s latest book, “Spillover,” focused on "zoomotic" infections, (those that pass from animals to humans). No doubt about it, Quammen said, as he showed how the three most recent outbreaks -- SARS, bird flu and swine flu—indicate that the next pandemic will be zoomotic in origin.

The NY Times articles in September and October, revealed deep concern, and stated that another pandemic is inevitable.

Authors David Quammen, Mark Harrison, and other scientists, do not shy away from the “next big one.” They warn us that the SARS scare of 2003, might have been the big one but it wasn't, because of good luck -- communication. Because there was huge publicity,  people took precautions before it got out of hand. They are saying loud and clear -- there is nothing we can do to stop the next big one from happening.

Yow! Nothing we can do? It's inevitable?

Oh boy, big money can be made from a pandemic scare -- drug manufactures, before, during, and after the pandemic, have something to promote that will make them billionaires.

And the latest news about "Tamiflu" -- a leading British medical journal, BMJ,  asked drug maker Roche to release all its data on Tamiflu, claiming there is no evidence the drug can actually stop the flu. Since Roche has not responded, BMJ, has called for European governments to sue Roche, and get the money back that has been needless spent on stock-piling Tamiflu.

In 2011, Prescription Tamiflu was included in a list of "essential medicines" by the World Health Organization.

Clearly, staying healthy is getting to be a bigger, fuller, full time, part time job.

My own remedy -- avoid crowds -- avoid people with colds, shop online, have things delivered. I'm focused on the good luck -- the communication back in 2003 -- that's why I am sharing, loud and clear, what I have learned.

Brugel, "Hell on Earth:"



pamela said...

Em, I learn so much from you. There are fun "show-bizzy" posts, but also such important news and intelligent observations about life and health.

You are wonderful!

Peggy Bechko said...

I think people worry too much and the forces that 'be' take great advantage of that concern, boosting worry even higher. Illness is always out there. AS you've said, be sensible, take the precautions you deem appropriate to yourself and live your life without so darn much fear. Think about how many times all these dire warnings fizzle out - and how much money big pharam makes out of people worrying so much they run for whatever pill is offered. And yes, there will no doubt be a major fast spreading illness one day (there are too many people on the planet and they're much too mobile when it comes to that) but as my Grandfather always told me, worrying about it won't change anything.

Fantastic Books Publishing said...

Thanks for this Em,

We don't tend to worry too much about that sort of stuff here in the UK. There are so many scares in the tabloid newspapers every week that if and when the 'big one' comes it will be a complete surprise for everyone.

I am more worried about the western world's overuse of antibiotics causing stronger and stronger strains of virus to develop. We are driving their evolution until we reach a point, not too distant in the future, when everything we throw at new viruses will be shrugged off and we will be at their mercy.

Still, as the old UK saying goes, 'chin up! you might get hit by a bus tomorrow'.

A little bleak I'll grant you but it does make a lot of sense.

However, when somebody sneezes on the tube or on a crowded plane I can't help wanting to scream 'use a tissue!'

Still, don't panic. The human body is a wonderful thing and will fight off most things given time, vitamins, minerals and energy.

To summarise folks, follow the advice of Em and get in shape... the sneezepocalypse is coming!

Poet_Carl_Watts said...

BigPharma/ama operating via CDC/WHO fear mongering as well as creating these "flu" in labs and setting loose on public. Flu shots are a load of toxic chemicals that do not work.

Yes they will get the right combination and try to kill off half the population.

People loaded with toxins from "food", GMOs, water, air and drugs will die by the dozens. Healthy people will survive if they avoid the drugs the med boys will want to use on them to prevent the illness!

If you like I can prove vaccines do not work, never have. I can also tell you how "infections" actually spread.

Why do some people get ill, others rarely do is easy to understand. Let me know :-)


#AwesomeTeam #ACO1♥☮:-)

Anonymous said...

Yes, this is an important issue facing us all. I think the flu gets worse every year. I stay home alot and avoid crowds of people. I liked your choice of pictures today...reality staring you in the face. Makes you wake up and pay attention. kam

Louise Sorensen said...

In 1918 there was a pandemic flu that, depending on what sources you believe, killed 25-50million people worldwide. I read an article that traced this flu back to bird crowding and harvesting from WW1.So, this was a zoomotic flu even way back then.
I get a flu shot every year, but none of my children do.
I think a pandemic is inevitable, given the high world human population and the overcrowded cities. Many will die, but most will survive. I don't worry about it overly much, as there are so many things that can take you out before midnight.
Sometimes you just have to relax, enjoy what time you have, and let what will be, be.
Great topic, Em.
Louise Sorensen
louise3anne twitter

O.R said...

Em, Clever Em, you are always calculate the odds! Thanks! said...

I called brain washing, and it is possible to be easy way to make money. Every time when I get vaccinated, I am sick for months. Last year, I decided to skip the vaccine,and I did not have to endure sickness for months from the vaccine. It clearly shows to me that vaccine is not answer.

Anonymous said...

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