Thursday, January 10, 2013


We know the face. We're aware of the stability of this woman, who has not wavered in her support and loyalty to the President. of the United States.

Stability? -- wrong word -- it's fake/wise --it's fake/ psychological -- it's NOT what I feel like talk-writing...

She is a THERE person. She believes in something, and she puts herself, her mind, time, and money -- it costs money to do what she's been doing -- all that, Nancy Pelosi gives -- all that she has to offer, she's been giving as the House Minority Leader.

Okay, I can copy and paste in right here a list of things she;s specifically been working on for the past four years. It's a huge list. There's been a lot of traveling, making speeches, selling, meetings, chatting, endless phone calls -- name any issue that the President has worked hard to achieve, and thar she blows.

(The phrase popped in my mind -- it's what you say when you see a whale blowing water from the hole at the top of its head.)

It's more than Nancy P. being an especially important, tall, strong, loud presence in D.C. Pelosi uses her experience, her skills and knowledge to make sure you -- whoever you are, whether you're importantly high, or unimportantly low, or educated or not -- Nancy works to get you to understand, and support what she is supporting.

Wait a minute, whoa --  how can she be so busy with what she's seems to be doing all the time, and maintain a personal life? She's married to Paul Pelosi, the man she married the day they graduated college in 1962. They have five kids. They're grandparents. (If you want to know more, here's a good source -- Personal life of Paul and Nancy Pelosi.)

Asked about her career in politics, Nancy Pelosi has said, "Devote time to having a balanced life. Because the success of politics can overwhelm you. You cannot have your personal well-being depend on your political success. This is hard. There will be disappointments and you can’t tie everything to it. You must have a sense of self beyond the politics.” Talking about raising her family, Nancy said, "To me, the center of my life will always be raising my family. It is the complete joy of my life. To me, working in Congress is a continuation of that."

Hey, I'll buy that. Just recently a wet-behind-the-ears (27-year-old) NBC reporter asked a dumb question -- suggesting that maybe, at her age, she ought to retire. Listen to what Nancy said



Carola said...

Everything you say is true, and yet I don't like her. I don't know why. I think my impression of her may be unfair.

Anonymous said...

Nancy Pelosi sounds like a very intelligent caring, capable woman. Although in her seventies, she is working at bringing younger people into politics. A 27 year old male reporter asks her if she thinks it's time she should retire and she replies, "You mean, all of us?" Meaning, all the politicians over 70, most of which are male. The point being, this young journalist probably wouldn't have asked the question of a man.
Can you imagine him asking this question of a male politician?
Regardless of a woman's political beliefs, we need more of them in politics, and everywhere else in life. Women have a unique perspective and another point of view of how to do things, from a man.
'Elderly' women, like Nancy Pelosi, have the added advantage of years of life experience including the raising of children, which can help a person see that all people and creatures are important.
Sometimes I think that men have a more focussed, black and white, point of view, while women are more blended, they can see things in shades of gray. No connection with the current erotic bestseller intended.
The two perspectives in running our human world can ensure that nothing important is missed. This will make life better for us all.

Louise Sorensen
louise3anne twitter

Billy Ray Chitwood said...

It's a name I don't particularly wish to hear or utter --- in my opinion, she represents everything that is wrong in this country of ours. 'Her experience? Her skills? Balanced life?' Please spare me. There are so many women in politics I admire and respect. The woman you choose to write about is not one of them --- she is an elitist with money and very little brain power.

Gus said...

A woman of great substance. No less, is Nancy Pelosi!

Unknown said...

Nancy Pleosi stands as a lightening rod for all the righty corporatations are people cheerleaders. Not always right not always totaly honest on the wrongs of her own party but she stands, stong, a voice for the people taking the hits and keeps on moving. Love her ideas or hate them love her ablitlty to take those hits in stride and move forward.