Saturday, January 12, 2013


Emily explains that she still feels haunted by the election madness.

John Cullum, seizing the topic, chats about mistrusting commentators and politicians.  He thinks we'll get back to normal.

The Cullums reflect on the fact that nowadays, the mistrust and suspicion that the truth isn't being told,  isn't much different than it was after the last election.



Poet_Carl_Watts said...

Trust is a product of honest communication. It is rare to be able to trust anyone in government as they are too often dishonest.

Excellent you and John trust each other. You should!

You can probably trust your doctor to give you honest pharmaceutical education based information. On nutrition, unless he's gone out of his way, broken agreement with the drug, burn, cut viewpoint, he can't give you honest information. He doesn't have it to give.

Find a nutritionist chiropractor :-)

On yes, there's a lot of good going on. Much more good than bad. The media focuses only on bad and making that hugely worse than it is.

Have a great day and a brilliant future! @Poet_Carl_Watts

Anonymous said...

You pose interesting questions Emily and John.
Who can we trust?
Are governments telling the truth?
And the unspoken question, what is wrong with our world.
As to people telling the truth, I have to quote House and say,"Everybody lies."
And often people who believe they are telling the truth have such a skewed slant on life that what they say sound like lies to other people.
In our world today, we have many fanatics. Religious, political, pro gun, anti gun, sports, celebrities. You name it, their is someone, or many, fanatical believers in it.
But the subject of who do you trust?
From what I can see, the spin being put on everything is worse than ever.
Or maybe it isn't.
In the fifties and beyond, cigarette companies knowingly surpressed research that showed that smoking cigarettes cause cancer, heart disease and countless other fatal diseases.
Today, we are bombarded with images on tv telling us to Eat Our Burgers, They're the Best. Guns don't kill people, only bad people with guns kill people, vote for me and I'll create jobs, save your job, give you more money (in the caes of government workers).
I don't believe hardly anything of anything I hear.
I think there's spin on everything.
I used to be an insurance adjuster and learned in that job that for every single person at a car accident, there were that many different stories of what happened.
So I'm not saying people always lie on purpose, but we have agendas, bad memories and self service.
People like rules, guidelines to live by so they won't have to pay attention to what's going on around them, listen to the news and stay up to date on current affairs, or think for themselves.
The shenanigans that are going on in Canada at this time have me thinking the old saw, " Power corrupts. And absolute power corrupts absolutely."
And that's not only government, like the cigarette lobbies, that's anyone/thing with power.
Bottom line?
People have to start doing a lot more well informed thinking for themselves.
Louise Sorensen
louise3anne twitter

OR said...

Em,John and you have each other. Obama has America in hand and God has an eye on you ALL. Relax, love, trust -- be happy. Leave the past behind. The future is where it's at. @outracism

Anonymous said...

All the gearing up to the past election was overwhelming and caused alot of distrust and chaos I think. I agree with you and John. And Em it is true about lab results. Sometimes my nurse will call and just say-"your INR was fine." I want to know the result and then they tell me. Hope things get back to normal now that the election is over and Obama is leading us again! kam

Unknown said...

Em, the topic is a bit about truth or truth as a whole. Myself believes in total truth and when I was told by my doctor I had cancer he had to sit down and tell me the truth.

Now with the election and all the stuff that is going on seems to never stop- no end to it. It is the entire White house as a whole as people who put their comments in to make a statement about telling the truth or not to tell the truth. Center of the truth. Who knows anymore. I just live in my world and all I know is that I want to be that honest person I was brought up to be...hope this makes sense but I will say one thing it is the truth that I speak.

Anonymous said...

I agree with John, Em.... we need to have faith. I don't think any politician or news person is 100% honest because they are human and humans aren't perfect. Let's just hope that they'll do the right thing by us. :D

Carola said...

I think the anger and the hyper-partisanship isn't going to go away in the foreseeable future.

Peggy Bechko said...

Down & dirty questions with few answers at the moment - but I must say John would make a fabulous diplomat -