Saturday, January 26, 2013


The subject makes John uneasy. Things that made him feel guilty years ago, still fester.

Emily pulls a window shade on her own wrong-doings, but wishes she'd been a better Mom.

No doubt about it -- John and Em have similar sense of guilt as parents. Both of them wish, while maintaining their careers, they'd been able to spend more time having fun with their son, JD.


Linda Phillips said...

Wow guilt! Lucky you Em that you can shut it off. Not me. I spent most of my life loaded with guilt. Often over things that really required no guilt on my part at all.

I think, as I have gotten older, I am less inclinded to internalize all of my "negative" actions, however.

Guilt can really wear you down. Not a good thing at all. Googbye guilt! said...

Very good point Emily Frankel, people make mistakes all the time, it is human nature. When you are young, it is easy to get trapped in the wrong direction. Especially when you do not have good examples around, and you are surrounded by relatives who you think have your best interest. After all, these are the people who love you and will never hurt you. Right???? Thank you, Dianna

Anonymous said...

Good blog today Em. Guilt is a very heavy burden to carry. A person should cleanse the soul and be rid of guilt feelings which can only depress you. Don't dwell on past mistakes. You and John help each other get over
mistakes and reflections of things you wish you had done differently. Keep smiling Em and JC. kam

Poet_Carl_Watts said...

Guilt is the past. It's non-survival to focus on it. Notice how older/ill people dwell on the past? That will kill you pretty fast.

Focus on what you did right and what your going to do in the future. That is where life is, in the future!

My daughter used to take her headache and flush it down the toilet. It actually got rid of them. You might take any guilt and do the same flush it away.

Have a totally fantastic future. I will! :-)

Iris J. Summers said...

LOL, I really know how to enjoy this one, because John and I share the same Southern Baptist guilt button, and, being about the same age, we share the Southern Baptist guilt of the same generation!!!

Seriously, though, with regard to your son, you couldn't have done much wrong, because you both like him so much; so you must have done some really good parenting.

And, even though I have the SB guilt button, I also have a motto: There are two things you shouldn't worry about - the things you can help and the things you can't. :)

Bruce Schindler said...

Guilt. Interesting topic, that, especially considering the development of characters in plots. Personally, of course, there's nothing in my past that would give me cause to feel guilt. Well, much.

I suppose, like Jacob Marley, we all forge our own chains to drag behind us. Other than the odd sociopath, it is guilt that welds the links of the chain together.

Ah, to shake off those chains and roam free. Good subject. Thanks.

Deleted Person said...

Nice to see a sweet couple, parents who are bringing happiness for their son! You apparently all having a good life Em. May you continue feeling the sense of fulfillment as we live through the years. Cheers to you and John and to your son! :)

Fantastic Books Publishing said...

Like really connecting with a good book, turn the page, but remember the last.

Guilt is for those who believe they have more than one life to live. Like most people I've made mistakes, mistakes I'm not proud of, but I won't allow my past to destroy my future.

Live in the present, learn from the past, prepare for the future!

Great post Em, thanks.


OR said...

You can't undo the past, EM. Please therefore don't waste time wondering how things could have been. So long as you know in your hearts that you both loved him and still do; that will do for GOD! That's really all that matters now. :)

Louise Sorensen said...

Guilt. A great topic, Em.
Guilt usually results when you fail somehow, or let someone down. That's why it often involves our children.
Children, as people without them are not aware, come without an operating manual. So parents make lots of mistakes.
I think some people have a more difficult time letting go of guilt than others.
I get flashbacks of things I did years ago and feel guilty, even though I know intellectually things can't be changed, and it wasn't something I could have avoided.
On the plus side, I learned from every experience and didn't make the same mistake too many times. With each repetition, I honed my reaction further, and improved my responses.
As with all negative feelings, I think it's okay to give them some airtime, but limit it lest it overwhelm you.
A great topic, Em. Thankyou!