Sunday, January 20, 2013


The Cullums hem and haw. Of course they LIKE each other. They find themselves wanting to describe what they LOVE and avoid repeating compliments they've given each other before. 

What they LIKED about each other initially -- looks, manners, talents and abilities -- the things that brought them together -- haven't changed at all.


Poet_Carl_Watts said...

Looks, manners, talent and abilities are all interesting. Those attract attention.

What holds interest is you and only you.

Carola said...

Liking is so important. I'm not sure young people understand that.

Linda Phillips said...

Delightful! You really made me smile!

Louise Sorensen said...

I believe the question you tweeted, Em, was, have you ever asked your beloved what he likes about you. And the answer is, in many many years of marriage, no.
Never have.
My husband uses the left side of his brain, I use the right.
He's neat, everything in its place. Me? I'm a visual person. If I can't see something, it doesn't exist. So my space is... full of visual clues as to what I'm currently working on.
It's not a mess if you know where everything is, right?
One time he cleaned my workroom. I thought it was a wonderful idea at the time and he was so happy to do it.
I haven't been able to find anything in there since.
So I've learned that no matter how hard he begs, he is not allowed to tidy my spaces.
John, (my hub is named John too) and I have gone for 2hour walks(or longer) with the dogs 3 times a week for the last 8years. During these walks we converse the whole time, and have learned pretty much all there is to know about each other.
We both like dogs, cats, horses, old houses, art, scifi, plants (he does trees and grass, I do flowers) dog and cat training and of course, our children. We don't like abuse of any kind, unkindness, littering, waste... ie throwing things out that we can still use, tailgaters, road hogs, crying babies in planes, or waiting in line.
What I like about him; he is honest, loyal, straightforward, kind. And best of all, he laughs at my jokes.
What he likes about me, although I never asked him, I cook his food the way he likes it(he does my taxes and changes furnace filters and lightbulbs and device batteries, they're always going) I'm always up for a snuggle, I sometimes help him with crosswords when he's stumped(between the two of us we're a genius) and I'm constantly making jokes. Which are truly hilarious, by the way, and make him laugh. I leave him alone when he wants to go into his mancave, and I have plenty to do of my own when he doesn't feel like talking.
We can sit together all evening and not say a word and be perfectly alright if we want.
So that's my beloved and me.
Not bad for two kids that met in karate class. :-)
Louise Sorensen
louise3anne twitter

Anonymous said...

What a fun video! I smiled and laughed with you both as you bantered back and forth with likes and dislikes. So much love and joy in your communicating. I can tell you both love each other very much which comes across the screen to the viewer and warms the heart. Thanks for sharing good moments with us! kam

Gus said...

Em, there's nothing wrong about repeating compliments. Sure by all means say new things. However, if you avoid saying the old things -- albeit, repeatedly, it'll seem as if they were never meant in the first place. But you guys are set for life, regardless. Nothing will ever tear you apart. :)! said...

Hi very impressive, kudos to both of you. Best wishes, Dianna

Anonymous said...

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