Tuesday, February 5, 2013


It's a sudden, sharp localized pain when:

     You see a cop car in your rear-view mirror, and  you're doing 60 in a 50 zone.  

     A muscle you haven't been using suddenly hurts.

     Somebody tries to help you climb up a step, implying that you're  elderly.

     Your name is not on a list where you thought, for sure, you belonged. 

It's a brief sharp pang of emotion, when:

     EEK A sock (it's your favorite pair) suddenly  has a hole in the toe.  OUCH Your accountant says it's time to work on your taxes.  YIKES The letter from your landlord declares he's raising the rent. OH NO, NO! Some beloved. big name somebody is suddenly dead.

What do you do -- how do you handle it -- how do you shake off the fear, dread, or the heavy-duty depression?

If a muscle hurts, USE IT.  If  you are insulted, LAUGH out loud, for 10 seconds.  If it's bad news, BLABBER all the cuss words you can think of.

If you're all of a sudden remembering old heartbreaks, losses, disasters, and major old wounds are festering -- SING:  

"Pain pain go away,
"Like rain, come back another day,
"Up a ladder down a tree,
"I'm me,
"I'm free!"
      (crescendo, fortissimo)
"Gee I can mend,
"I can end a twinge that's on the fringe of un real --

Hey -- when stabbed through the heart say OUCH -- in English, Jewish, Pig Latin, Esperanto; or Spanish, and it will vanish.


Poet_Carl_Watts said...

Good advice EM :-)

Carola said...

My spin: The policeman rarely happens to me, but I assume he is going to be nice, even if I get a ticket. When I get a sudden pain, I assume it is something acute, which means I'll be able to get rid of the pain--it's chronic pain that disturbs me. People usually think I'm younger than I am, and I don't get help when I could perhaps use it. And the emotional pain comes when I LOSE my sock; they all have holes in their toes.

Lluís Carrera said...

Hi Em!! It sounds exquisite, I'll try to review your novels as soon as find a moment. I hope you a great success in all your projects.
Have a great huge!!

Anonymous said...

Hard topic to discuss. I try not to let surprises or aches and pains get to me and don't dwell on them. Keep smiling and a sense of humor helps. move on, think positive and pay it forward. Find something positive in everything you do. kam

Anonymous said...

Wow what a nice write up about forgetting and aches and pains. I will say you put things in a bright light at least for me. I read your thoughts and comments and it makes me think, which is good. I do panic and I try not to dwell on my aches and pains although I have them often.
However I do enjoy your post. I will do my best to look up your books, I have lots of sickness in my family at this time. Keep all your advice and comments coming, I do enjoy.

E P Vaughn said...

Hi Em,

I enjoyed your BLOG--as usual you're very creative. I've never heard that particular issue discussed before.

The pangs I get most often are the ones that happen when I remember something stupid I wish I hadn't said, or something I did or didn't do that's going to cost me $$$. That's when I start to sweat, no matter what the temperature.

I'll be sure and try your cures next time it happens.

Anonymous said...

Oh I have MANY of those moments, daily! LOL I know what I need to do logically when it happens, but reasoning seems to take a backseat to the emotion at the moment. Good advice Em! :D

Linda Phillips said...

Money...or the lack of it. Let's not go there!

Mary Russell said...

I kind of like the adrenaline rush that comes with that "brief short pang of emotion". It makes you appreciate Life all the more when things work out as you hope they will. As the saying goes, "Everything will be alright in the end and, if it's not alright, it's not yet the end." :)