Sunday, February 17, 2013


Emily Frankel moans, and John Cullum laughs, as they recall how their son, JD, took over both floors of their home during his Christmas visit with them.

Using the futon cot that's in Em's studio theater, JD made himself a bed on the floor of the dance area. With all his things -- clothes, guitar, his phone, laptop, books, shoes -- spread out everywhere, it' became his hotel room.

Emily had to tiptoe into the studio, with a flashlight to do her early morning exercises (he slept till 11 a.m.). Doing her dance-workout, later in the day, or she found the mess seriously distracting. 

Preparing meals with the refrigerator, cabinets, and table-tops jammed with special health food JD bought, was frustrating  for Em, who's normally an speedy efficient cook.

Em admits that she wished he'd leave early. Though the Cullum family had a few loving, interesting conversations, son JD's life style is no longer compatible with Mom's and Dad's.


RCToyPalace said...

Oh, Em :) I know what visits are like when the kids come around, LOL. I can say this, if I'd known grandchildren were this much fun, we would have had them first :)

Unknown said...

Hahaha!!! This is VERY timely for me, because my middle daughter is coming to visit at the end of the month--for nearly TWO WEEKS!

I laughed a lot, recalling past visits from my daughters, and wonder if I'll have as tough a time as you two did. One thing, I think I'm going to let Amanda & her best friend have my bedroom, and I'll sleep in my office--so I can get to my computer to work, WHENEVER I want, and so my work space won't be cluttered up with their things!

Oh, and you've made me want Chinese food!

Thanks to both of you, for making my Sunday brighter.


Carola said...

I remember when I was even younger than JD is now, trying to convince my parents that it would be so much better to stay at a nearby motel. This was especially true when I had a boyfriend in tow. However, I never really succeeded in convincing my parents. Now I have a difficult task of trying to convince my potential houseguests to stay in a close-by B&B. I'd be happy to pay for it.

Michael Blevins said...

I love this Em and John! Thanks so much for sharing! I hope JD is great and doing well - it sounds as if he is! Would love to see all of you and catch up! Be safe, continue to do the great things you do and by all means keep in touch! Best-BLEV

Linda Phillips said...

But you love him....and that's what really counts!

Anonymous said...

What a hoot! I love this video about you and John surviving jd'S STAY with you and taking over the 2 floors of your house.And taking over your big refrigeator! Lol! And the big order of chinese food lasted only 2 days! But as love our children to death and am always glad to see them come visit. You are good parents and put up with it well. Made me smile and laugh. thanks for sharing, kam

pamela said...

We put up our grown children and spouses in a lodging with fridge, microwave and food delivery nearby. Worth the cost. B&B's or suite hotel. Makes for a happy visit by all.

Also, if you must have them in your home...a queen size murphy bed can fit in the smallest of places (jd's childhood bedroom) with a small fridge for their personal use.

OR said...

Hi John and EM, JD is blessed to have such great parents. :(!

Unknown said...

I really enjoyed this video Em and John although it seems a bit mean to giggle at your discomfort. The tug and push of parenthood is so magnetic isn’t it? We all love our children. When they aren’t with us, we miss them and wish they would come home more often. We pull them towards us with our longing. When the reality and close proximity of the visit actually sets in with all it’s inconveniences, we sometimes wish we could turn the magnet around and repel them to where they came from…which much love and many kisses of course LOL: :)

Anonymous said...

When we visit my parents, I bring SO much stuff.... I never pack light because I like to have the comforts of home. So I bring the essentials but then I also bring other things I just MIGHT need LOL Those are the extra bags that drive my mom nuts! Especially if I'm only staying over 1 or 2 nights. I fill up her guest room with stuff, but hey, then I always have what I need. :D Glad you had a nice visit with JD and his girlfriend. At least he wound up leaving, right? hahaha :)

Louise Sorensen said...

Hi Em and John. It seems that the behaviour of our children is all the same. I've heard it said that they don't understand their parents until they are parents themselves.
The amazing thing is how our children so thoroughly make themselves at home in the parental home.
I remember doing the same thing at my parents' place. It seemed quite normal. I console myself with the fact that my kids seem happy when they visit. That's the best we can do.
Maybe someday they'll learn to visit without needing to create a whole nest right in the midst of things. We can always hope.

Louise Sorensen
louise3anne twitter

Dustspeck said...

The road of love is long.

Fantastic Books Publishing said...

Ah bless.

Nice one John, 'love them but let them go!'

Very good. We're all chuckling away here.

You should head over to California and take over their place for a few days. Y'know, arrive with a fridge full of food, lots of suitcases, maybe a group of unexpected houseguests in tow? Just a thought :)

Keep up the good work guys, see you next week!

Dan and Gabi