Sunday, March 3, 2013


"What's the topic," John asks.

Em hems and haws.

She reveals that it's a rather private subject. 

But John Cullum's meticulousness never ceases to amaze his wife.

Em wants other people to know about the way he proceeds in an orderly fashion, to take care of things every morning.

Yes, this is a chat about how husband John Cullum makes the bed nifty, neat, perfect for his wife, Em.


Larry Enright said...

It must be the case that a woman's right to as much of the covers as she pleases is a universal one. In our case, those rights also extend to bed real estate and I end up on the edge every morning with my wife beside me. Not that I'm complaining. :)

Carola said...

Making those king-size beds is exercise. I have a synthetic "feather" mattress-like pad on my side of the bed that I have to shake every morning. The giant comforter that we use as our only blanket most of the time is too much for me to shake - my husband has to help.

Linda Phillips said...

How adorable! Love you both!

Mike Slickster said...

Very humorous and delightful. I could actually see John's blushing :)

Unknown said...

I'll say it again, you two are ADORABLE! This is another very sweet & loving blog!

I agree with the importance of a nicely made bed. My daughter is here right now, using MY bed--so I can be in my office with my computer, in order to use it whenever I want--and it remains unmade, which I can barely stand! It just FEELS better to climb into smoothed sheets at night.

I'm also a "coffee! coffee! coffee!" person, and mine is usually pretty strong also.

Thank you for more weekend smiles! Love to you both!

Fantastic Books Publishing said...

Aw, you guys!

Every morning I make the bed and take the dog out for her, er, morning garden inspection? And my wife gets the coffee on and makes, you guessed it, a baguel!

We split it too. I go for butter and honey, Gabi for cream cheese and sliced tomato.

These little morning rituals kinda appear after a few years, we didn't plan them.

Ah, love, mysteriously intertwining people in the most unexpected of ways!

Thanks guys, another very sweet post.

Dan and Gabi :)

Louise Sorensen said...

Hi Em and John.
Making the bed is one of those chores I don't like. It's great when someone in the family enjoys it and takes over for you!
I'm a coffee, coffee coffee person too.
Cheers! : )

Unknown said...

Awesome topic. Men helping with chores or even making beds is great. However it is funny you said he is on his knees to do a perfect job making a bed. My papaw always said when you do something do it right the first time. EM, I hear you bragging on his bed making which is so lovely. You all seem to really love eachother and I listen and vision you two doing all this together, sharing the bagel, making the bed, Em making the coffee. It is funny when John talks about the coffee being so used to call coffee like that so stout it would make your hair stand out.. Bye. I have enjoyed another moment which made me smile. I actually laughed out loud this time...

Dustspeck said...

"Oh to be in love, and never get out again." Kate Bush
You two are too cute a couple for words to describe. When you are in love, every moment is precious and passes in a painfully sweet way that you'd never want to be without.
Keep up the good work John. Those little acts of love are the most important acts of all.

Anonymous said...

Love it! We're the same way. The little things that couples do for each other mean the most. :D

JD Holiday said...

Great work, John. Well, my husband's idea of making a bed is throwing the covers over the pillow. No straightening involve! :D

Em, you should take your blog postings and turn them into a book! You can title it something like, 'Emily Frankel's Thoughts on Life.'


Maureen Jacobs said...

One of my guilty pleasures is having a perfect bed to climb in to. When I hit the lottery, I will hire someone to launder, iron, and prepare my sheets daily. One indulgence. Nothing better than a cool, crisp, and well made bed! Send him down her Em. Does he do hospital corners?

Anonymous said...

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