Thursday, April 18, 2013


Say her name, see her face, hear her speak -- you're thinking PRESIDENT.

Hillary Clinton has changed.

I look at her as women look at each other, noting details that tell  me how she's feeling --  tell me that she's feeling sadder, older, more concerned about the world. She used to dress very carefully; her hair and makeup always looked as if they'd been done professionally. Nowadays, her hairdo isn't always a "do" and her outfits don't look like as if they've been carefully chosen. Often everyhting about her seems to be the way it just happened to be.

I see puffiness under her eyes, fuller cheeks, the H lines around her smile, the thicker waist, wider-ness of her hips. I sense that the way she looks doesn't really matter very much to her, nowadays.

I wonder if she has a man friend, a lover, other than Bill -- loudly I tell myself, it's none of your business, but I wonder anyhow.

I found these photos -- a statement by David J. Rothkopf and headline on CNN -- "Will Hillary be President?" (He's CEO of  an  international advisory firm specializing in transformational global  trends.)

Look at a couple of the photos. I think that  Hillary Rodham Clinton, right now, woman, wife, mother, former  Secretary of State, former candidate running for president, is  translating all those aspects of herself, all those feelings into  positive actions  of mothering, fixing, fighting for, and doing.

Hey, maybe you ought to take your time and look at all 40 photos.  It's the story of you and me and Hillary who's grown up as we have grown up --40 picures of Hillary down through the years  and our changing world.


Peggy Bechko said...

Great photos! I have a great respect for Clinton - it will be interesting to see if she runs and if so how it turns out - I tend to shy away from 'dynasties' aka Bush Sr. & Bush Jr. with #3 still in the wings, but we'll see when election time rolls around again.

Carola said...

I love watching Hillary and how she changes. I kind of hope she doesn't run for president, because it will be so exhausting and difficult, and I feel protective about her.

Anonymous said...

Great tribute blog to Hillary Clinton. I think she is the BEST! I hope she runs for president and wins. I admire and respect all that she
does. She is a tower of power and positive ideas and has a huge following of people supporting her ideas. Thanks for posting this.

Mary Russell said...

Now this is a woman that I have a lot of time for. Both she and former President Bill Clinton have been great friends to Ireland and I've always listened to her speeches when she's here. At one stage, there was a rumour that she was going to be the next American Ambassador here. To me, she is the embodiment of the phrase, "Behind every great man is a great woman". She is probably one of the smartest First Ladies that America has every had and I would love to see her as the first female President...if only to have Bill as the First Husband. :D

Maureen Jacobs said...

Mrs. Clinton is a strong woman. I think she is rather odd. But personality aside, her future in politics is powerful. I said once in a blog response that I think she is not my cup of tea. I may have been premature. This woman is growing on me. Perhaps she will lead us soon.