Sunday, April 14, 2013


When Em asks John Cullum what profession he'd chose to be if he weren't  an actor, John isn't sure.

Emily reminds him that before he came to New York, he worked in his father's real estate business.

John reveals that he'd choose real estate, or any similar profession, where he could be powerful.

What about teaching?

John admits that he enjoys teaching, but his favorite work is writing.


Carola said...

I can picture John acting a role of a powerful real estate developer, harder to picture him actually doing it. I know one real estate developer who is conscientious and nice (although undoubtedly powerful); I bet John would be like that

Unknown said...

WONDERFUL!!! I've barely had time to be online the past several weeks, so I've MISSED both of you!

As always, you make me smile!

Linda Phillips said...

Delightful and insightful as always! Thank you Em and John!

Anonymous said...

Great video discussing what things John might have done if not acting. Interesting and cute.
Whatever endeavor John does, his is great at it and succeeds. And you Em would have been right by his side encouraging him on. I can see John with lots of power. Fascinating subject. kam

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing that with us John! I'm sure even if you started out in real estate, with your talents, you would have found your way into the theater eventually. Whether on stage, or behind the scenes having written the play. :D Good topic Em!

Mary Russell said...

I think your lovely husband would have been wonderful in any alternative career that he would've chosen but I am very thankful that he chose to become an actor and shared...and continues to share...his talents with the world. :)