Friday, May 3, 2013


IF you enrolled, loaded your age, date of birth, background, education,  career objectives, you are in the candy machine.

Yep, it's something fairly new, that Facebook's trying out.

If you put money in the slot, you can contact -- wow -- a yummy-delicious famous person. Add him to your list of friends -- say hello, how's the weather, or show him/her how cute your doggie is when  he's sprawled out on your bed. Just pay a few bucks per message and you can HEAR BACK from him/her.

I found out about the candy machine from reading Joel Stein's column in Time Magazine. (I borrowed the picture Joel used --recognize any of the faces you can grab?) Joel Stein keeps me up-to-date, facetiously, on various important and unimportant  political and cultural doings.

Joel Stein reports that messaging TV hosts Piers Morgan or Donny Deutsch, mogul Barry Diller, comic Chris Rock, model Christy  Turlington, and actor Ed Begley Jr, will cost you one buck. That's the same price you'd pay if you want to contact Time Magazine's managing editor, or any of the guys on the magazines list of 100 most influential people in the world.

If you want to message Joel Stein, it'll cost your $15 bucks -- same price as it will cost you to reach Netscapes co-founder, Marc Andreessen, and Craig Newmark, the founder of Craig's  list.

Do you care about this?  I don't, but oh dear, oh  me, oh my -- is this a new direction for the every day larger, more hungry, greedier eater-upper of important people, important products that's been chewing on everything in sight that we deal  with, think about, that might be imporant to us? 

If you want to know more, contact Facebook's Jessie Baker,  (if you can figure out how to do that -- I have difficulty finding anything using "help" on Facebook or

Hey, maybe you can contact Mark Zuckerberg for $? -- gee, how much?  Well, one thing I do know is that  you can contact me for free.


Unknown said...

This is very ODD!

I hope they try it out, and it FAILS, because it's creepy and sounds like exploitation (of the celebrity or "regular FB user," I'm not sure).

I wonder, does Facebook split these fees with the famous people? I hope so!

Thanks for sharing this with us, Em! Keep up the GREAT work!

Love ya,

Anonymous said...

I'd pay a few bucks to say hi to the Rolling Stones to get a reply. I've been trying for years on Twitter :)

Anonymous said...

I would pay a few bucks to just to talk to someone who would give honest feedback about my script or tweak it.
I ask for very little, however I know it will not happen so there fore I have give up.
I would love to pitch it to someone who loves Comedy and could take it and make it into an awesome script. My dreams and they are dreams that will never happen. Facebook can you make it happen for a small fee. I doubt it. Interesting topic, thanks Em.

Louise Sorensen said...

I can't help feeling that regular people are just as important as celebrities. Until they figure out a way to truly live, forever, I believe I'm right.
Louise Sorensen
louise3anne twitter

Maureen Jacobs said...

Facebook to me is more of a way to leave messages for folks and share things with people. Sure I like seeing the 411 on everyone, however, I utilize it for work, pleasure, and personal reasons. I have a few select friends I get on with regularly. I also enjoy receiving information on some of my favourite stars and shows. David Tennant, of Dr. Who fame, now moved on to other things that I truly appreciate hearing about. Some things I get are from my favourite brands of food, merchandise, and places. But what I enjoy most are the photos. I can look at photos of my friends kids, cats, partners, etc at my own pace. It allows me more interaction with them when I do speak with them. Instead of spending an hour looking at photos from an album, I get to talk to them for an hour. Facebook is fun....but it does sometimes remind me of a party line. Many folks are unaware of what a party line is, but Facebook is most certainly is the party line of our times.