Thursday, May 30, 2013


Tiger -- what a hero he was -- an example to many of us, young and old, of perseverance, energy, striving, and winning  And he's black.  (I almost forgot to mention that!  It's amazing, how race fades, and vanishes in sports.)

As I watched the young boy and got to know him, it touched me -- how deeply he was connected to his father, how his father gave the youngster the gift of self-belief, and taught him so many things -- taught him concentration. How to focus on an issue, a problem -- a something-or-other that you need to do, and do perfectly.

Oh boy! Tiger's sex scandal -- his fall from grace -- what a tumble down the mountain -- the story that emerged of his infidelities -- names, photos, phone conversations he had with girlfriends -- all the babes he was sleeping with while maintaining a happy home with a beautiful young wife and their children.

It was in the news for months -- play by play descriptions, revelations from girls who used the media to get their names, their measurements, and sexual talents known.

And then -- oh my -- Tiger in therapy; Tiger admitting to the world on television that he'd done wrong. His apology didn't help him. Specifics may be forgotten but Tiger Wood's  wrong doings became wronger, larger, and didn't fade away.

How long has it been -- December 2009  to mid-2013 -- and he's playing golf, fighting to win, with the cloud of suspicion, mistrust, hanging over him.

I saw an old film last night -- Lawrence Oliver and his wife Vivian Lee in "That Hamilton Woman," about the love affair the great Admiral Horatio Nelson had with the wife of an ambassador -- how the world never forgave or forgot, and punished these sinful lovers, who stayed together, demonstrated their love,  and ignored society's disapproval.

We've got others who sinned  -- the Clintons have stayed together; Ronald Reagan is  revered despite the failure of Reaganomics, and Reagan's involvement  in the Iran Contra affair is forgotten. And Nixon -- his monumental wrong doings are somehow, also, forgiven.

Hey, we need Tiger Woods. We need the son of a loving father who taught him how to win and keep striving for perfection whether he wins or not. We need to learn from what Tiger did, and even so, be inspired by Tiger, celebrate Tiger Woods as a sports hero.

That's what he is.


Carola said...

I still root for him.

Anonymous said...

Do not repost, I do not care for him, cheer him his millions, or wish him well, he is dead to My thinking

Anonymous said...

I've always liked the man regardless of his shortcomings, as I do Bill Clinton; although discretion is the greater part of valor

Stan said...

I'm not a golf fan but our politicians have done worse and we still reelect them.

Maureen Jacobs said...

I agree that Mr. Woods is a player and a 'player.' I only root for his talent. His indiscretions are something for he and his partners to discuss. I agree the morality in womanizing is questionable, the fact that he was married and with a family and still went out and had numerous affairs is upsetting. However, I am not his wife, lover, pastor, judge, nor jury. I find that he will always be a talented golfer and will only attribute that one greatness to him.