Sunday, May 26, 2013


John explains to Em how important it is for an actor who's starting out, to be able to earn a living, while learning the craft by working in workshops. 

Both Los Angles and New YOrk have showcase theaters where actors work for little or no pay.

They discuss how their son JD started out in New York, and developed an excellent reputation in Los Angeles that way.

Cullum thinks the most important thing for an actor is being able to earn a living, while being an apprentice on either coast.


Carola said...

What about starting out in regional theaters, places like Seattle or the Oregon Shakespeare Festival?

Anonymous said...

Great blog and very interesting. Very informative given by you and John on becoming an actor. I am too old now to try, but in my younger years living in NY and waitressing and acting sounds great. thanks for sharing this good sound advice. You're the best! kam

Shelley said...

I love watching the A.I.R. broadcasts! I'd be interested in knowing how much theatre experience each of you had before making the move to the big city. Carola brings up a good point about regional theatre. There seems to be more of it now than there used to be. We're fortunate to have a lot of good local theatre in our area where some have moved on to success in Los Angeles and New York after honing their skills locally.