Monday, June 3, 2013


Her double mastectomy stunned us.

Her attitude toward it, stunned us, and amazed us.

Her telling us stunned, amazed, and impressed us.

Her plans about removing her ovaries -- hey, wait a minute -- what's going on here?

She's done many things that prove that she's an exceptionally caring woman, deeply concerned -- personally and artistically -- about women and children.

I have written about Angelina Jolie before. I didn't trust her because of things she has said and done in her younger years continue to echo. But, like you and me, she's grown up. And doubled (tripled) her fame and her name, while expanding her beliefs -- her commitments to the family and life she's created with Brad Pitt -- as well as her commitments to the films she's starred in, and the causes she passionately supports.

And now Angelina is saying -- loudly and clearly and bravely -- what she has done to make sure she won't get cancer is what other women could, and should do.


I've got to say --loudly and clearly and bravely -- I have ideas based on my life -- my name, fame, the work I've passionately "starred" in, my successes and failures
as do all other women and men..

Angelina is just 37, still a young woman with many possibilities
 -- personal and professional -- and she's very, very wealthy. What she's advising is based on her age, her enormous fame, name, financial status.

We are interested in Angelina Jolie's feelings about life and death. but her advice fits who she is -- not others around her age, or me, or women in general.


Peggy Bechko said...

It's a very private decision which, unfortunately because she's celebrity, becomes very public. You're very much right on when you point out this decision is good for a very small segment of the population and must be considered very carefully.

Carola said...

For one thing, the genetic testing that she did is too expensive for many people.

Anonymous said...

I don't like Angelina Jolie. I feel she is a publicity hoarder. Everything she does has to be so different and broadcasted in such big ways it is sickening the way she make so much hot air about everything she does. I feel it is stupid to have a double mastectomy when she can well afford to go for screening every six-monthly , or even monthly. Besides, she is unable to remove all breast tissue completely. It is giving women a very wrong perspective of brest cancer awareness and prevention. what else is she going to have removed next? I read somewhere it is her uterus. What next after uterus? Kidneys? lungs, they are organs adjacent to uterus and breasts!!!

Stan said...

I'm in the wrong gender category, but if I could with certainty know my wife would live a healthy life for it, I would support her decision...or any woman's decision to have it done for that matter.

Poet_Carl_Watts said...

I will give you my opinions. First she was ill advised. Second I can almost guarantee she will get cancer & probably die from bigpharma/ama's "treatments'at an early age.

Did anyone tell her the cause of cancer? Nope. Genetics is alterable by diet and exercise. Pushing the "genetic" angle puts people at effect and keeps them ill.

I feel pity for her and her actions, the poor example it sets.

Maureen Fairhurst said...

As stated in the above comment, Angelina Jolie is an attention-seeker, always having to be different than everyone else & having a double mastectomy in her 30s speaks volumes of her self-esteem, of which she has none! I wonder if she even discussed it with Brad before doing it, or just did it while he wasn't around & found out the same way the public did, in the news! What a shock he must have had, or even worse, finding out when they were in bed & viola, her boobs are gone!! Now she wants her ovaries removed, never being able to bear a ”true-blooded heir” (a son) for Brad; she's an insensitive bitch, if you ask me. And when she does have them removed, she'll have to go on estrogen, which will make living with her a bloody hell. I would not be surprised at all if Brad strayed, has an affair or even leaves her because she ain't a woman anymore. Why doesn't she have her arms & legs removed too, so she'll know what it really means to be disabled & dependent on another person to bathe her, dress her, put her on the toilet, wipe her ass, feed her, brush her hair, her teeth, etc. I may have arms & legs, but I'm dependent on someone else for total care & have been since I was 38 (10 yrs ago) & will be til the day I die! I would give her (Jolie) my existence for hers any day, but I doubt for one (1) lousy day (24 hours), Jolie could exist/survive in my world, especially without money, eating & being alone, by herself, for 16 hours everyday (I only have an aide for 8 hours a day, 7 days a week (the rest of my time is spent in my bed in fear of moving & what could happen if I fell (I fell twice already: 1) broke a leg; & 2) hit my head so hard it required 24 stitches to close the wound, meanwhile I lay bleeding in clotted blood for 6 hours til my aide arrived!! I've gathered that Angelina Jolie will do anything for attention, no matter who she hurts, like she doesn't care about Brad or her children's feelings. As long as she has money, she figures it's her body to do what wants to it & screw everyone else. However, when she finds out her fans despise her for what she is doing & they turn on her, there is no going back to reverse her decision & maybe then, she'll regret what she has done to her body...maybe.

Anonymous said...

I feel invasive procedures are best used for illness, not the possibility there-of, my choice even with cancer might involve more holistic approach, diet, and maybe coffee enemas, but surgery is dangerous, maybe life threatening. Besides, I am sure my insurance won't cover a preventative surgery.

Anonymous said...

Well, well, well. I like Angelina and Brad. Didn't like her when she stole Brad from his first love. What she has experienced is VERY costly....too much for most of us. I THINK she
is running scared instead of taking the monthly check your breasts precaution and 6 month mamos check. What she has done is now brought to the national level. I do admire her courage in believing that this was the only option for her. Thanks for sharing. kam

Anonymous said...

I think she is strong, however she took steps for her own life and family. She has seen death all around her in her own family with cancer. I'm a survivor of Ovarian cancer, and now being watchful of breast cancer. I was her age when I had cancer. I wish her the best, she is very out spoken about what she believes in. She is who she is. We all are who we are in life. I will say no matter who you are, there is one thing that NO one will escape sooner or later in life, and that is death.
I hope she is blessed with many, many long years of life.
I to have seen to many die and a very young age in life. Life is so precious and goes by so quickly.

Anonymous said...

It is mutilation whatever way you look at it. On that basis it has to be wrong, whoever does it. I am sure there are other ways of staying safe, ie diet and nutrition and lifestyle.

Anonymous said...

It is very apparent that NONE of you are BRCA+

Anonymous said...

I have not been tested for BRCA+ and I will not be. I don't have mammograms either. I try to live a healthy drug free lifestyle and I will take my chance.

Maureen Jacobs said...

The courage this woman has. She has grown into a woman of maturity beyond her years. I would consult my physician prior to such drastic measures, however, the choice to do so is your choice. Not Ms. Jolie, not the guy next door, not the naysayers of yore. Please take responsibility for your health and make yours top priority.