Wednesday, June 5, 2013


The guy who wrote this best seller book, back in 2007, A.J. Jacobs, said that he sees his life as a series of experiments in which he immerses himself in a project or lifestyle, for better or worse.

Jacobs is what publishers call a "stunt" writer.

Editor at large for Esquire, contributor to NPR, New York Times Entertainment Weekly, and the New Yorker, 45-year-old Jacobs wrote his first book at age 26, "The Two Kings: Elvis and Jesus," an irreverent comedic comparison of Elvis Presley and Jesus. (Wow, fun idea.)

"The Know-It-All: One Man's Humble Quest to Become the Smartest Person in the World," that he wrote after reading 32 volumes of the "Encyclopedia Britannica," was published in 2004. After "Living Biblically," (2007), came "The Guinea Pig Diaries: My Life as an Experiment," (2009), and last year, Simon and Schuster published, "Drop Dead Healthy, One Man's Humble Quest for Bodily Perfection," which A.J. wrote on his treadmill desk, in the course of 1200 milesm Jacobs said.

All the titles of his books interest me, but "Living Biblically" fascinates me. Jacobs said he was an irreligious Jew, who never believed in his religion or pursued any religion -- he wondered if there was something that he'd learn, if he obeyed all the rules, did everything that was suggested in the bible for a whole year -- and that is exactly what he did. .

Here's A.J. in this video -- direct, honest -- easy to get to know, as he explained what he learned to this interviewer. What author A.J, said is what I've thought on and off about religion, over the years. I felt as if I was sitting there with these two guys -- chuckling, and nodding.


Unknown said...

I think I need to put this on my booklist--OH, NO! My booklist is SO LONG!!!

This is a fascinating idea. I was also raised without religion, so I can understand the need for SOMETHING. I do believe in the sacredness of everything, there IS some greater power, and we're ALL a part of it.

Thanks for sharing, Em!

Anonymous said...

I'm like the guy with his tray full on the cafeteria line, waiting to pay for the sumptuous bounty, after having picked up all the good stuff and leaving the rest behind. :)

Stan said...

Sorry, I prefer the secular path I'm currently walking...To live Biblically requires a bit of masochism in one's blood veins

Anonymous said...

Very interesting, I see his points but then again we all are different in what or how we believe in the bible. Some don't believe at all. I was brought up to believe, so there fore it is hard not to think about it. However I had a different experience then this man who wrote his book. I was 11 years old and what happened to me was surreal and beautiful. It is a story I would share with everyone but then again not everyone would believe in my great experience with God.
I have enjoyed this blog about the bible. However I always try to be kind to everyone, bible or no bible it is my nature or heart. We all do not see eye to eye. I do believe many people have some kind of faith. I try to love others and be kind. I have tons of problems which makes me wonder about God. I could go and on. I wonder why cancer and sickness came up on me. I wonder why it drained me finically due to sickness.
Gee I could go on and on. I have questioned God. I feel like I am a good person. Thanks for sharing this. I will read the book. I appreciate it. I should share more of my happenings with God through out my life.

Maureen Jacobs said...

Interesting subject as it lends itself to the fact that some of us 'worship' celebrities. I cannot be one to tell you what or who to believe in, it is in itself a comedic view on the differences of opinion in our world. Kudos to Mr. Jacobs for the optimism, forethought, and energy to research and write. I wish I could.