Sunday, September 15, 2013


Em, asking what was your favorite outfit, gets John remembering the huge number of hand-me-downs he inherited from his large family, and a precious pair of white shoes.

Recalling what she found in his duffel bag, when they began to live together, Em reveals that she bought "pink" things for John, back in the days when she shopped and was making shirts for his "New York Actor's" wardrobe.


Carola said...

Knickers? This must have been the 50s; did boys still wear knickers? Of course we girls wore pedal pushers.

Linda Phillips said...

Great story!

I have seen more recent photos of John in a white turtleneck and he looked just fabulous. I think he may have a new favorite shirt now.

Love those memories though.

Anonymous said...

You two just warm my heart. Thank you.

Stan said...

Thanks for that great video...I'm afraid pink wasn't my favorite color, although I had a pink polo shirt once but hardly wore it. I did have a red and black flannel shirt that I wore until it finally fell apart after five years...Thanks for that great entertaining video again.

Anonymous said...

Love this! And I love that he loves pink! One of my favorite shirts that my husband has is a baby pink, button down, collared shirt. Emily, you sew?? How fantastic! My mom made my sister and me many outfits in the 70s that we loved. I wish I could sew... thanks for sharing that little glimpse into your world with John (((hugs)))