Wednesday, October 9, 2013


Wise thoughts about something that has been noticed, investigated, along with numbers, and numbers don't lie, do they?

Gamblers are disappearing and so are the honey bees.

Why are fewer people gambling?  It's the economy, right? (Hey, when in doubt blame anything that's odd, on the economy, right ...?)

I find myself thinking the limbo the world is in because of so many things we are doing that are bad for the earth -- animal, vegetable and mineral things that are BAD. A feeling of being wrong, doing something wrong is pervading our thinking constantly. 

It's a guilty feeling. It colors what we see.  It floods everyday realities.

So what does this have to do with honey bees disappearing?

That question -- what's happening to honey bees -- has been worrying scientists for a quite a long time. There is no answer, just a blanket of blame laid on top of the blanket of blame that's been smothering us for many years. Along with the thousands of other bad things we're doing, we are hurting the air we breathe.
Very likely, the bees have gradually succumbed to pesticides, or to the other things that we do to promote bigger and better harvests of food. There's a long list that includes: "Varrpoa" -- a microscopic mite, "Nosema Ceramic," -- a new parasite, and other "nicotonoids," could be causing CCD -- colony collapse disorder..

C    C    D  -- That's SCARY. That is DOOMFUL   THATS AWFUL

(Damn abbreviations -- you learn 'em, and instantly forget what they mean, even as you're mulling it over).

Hey, I read somewhere that Einstein said, "If the bee  disappears from the surface of the globe, man would have no more than  four years to live."

Gee, if the wise, profound, savvy, perceptive, blunt Einstein said that, hey -- gee, maybe the kindly, parental powers that be -- God, the Lord Above, Buddha, or whatever you call him/her -- are showing us (gently, subtly, so we won't panic), that what is happening to bees and bettors -- YII -- CCD  IS ALREADY, RIGHT NOW happening to us too.



Poet_Carl_Watts said...

We have 2 courses: we can wallow in the economy/bees (pesticides R killing em) or we can get busy and create a bright future. For me personally, I'm full speed ahead towards a bright future. My article "Depression" explains a simple solution:

If you are worrying, not not producing fast enough! Get busier! :-)

Anonymous said...

We as dominant specie are totally incompetent to manage our planet. We have chosen the wrong path with our hubris, immoral activities and disregard for the environment and all lower specie sharing earth with us. Our nature is to look to leadership for direction and follow their path but they have been the responsible party leading us to destruction as we blindly follow. It is now too late to turn back.

Piroska said...

the gamblers you can send to me and will help them with their addiction - as for the bee, I have friends who are bee keepers, family business and they are moving away from the city -this summer not enough flowers to enough honey, their harvest was less then usual. And we discuss the bee issue on a regular basis. I think the way of the world is too focused on the 'self' on being 'separate' and in reality we are all connected. Are the bees a sign that we need to work together - and also honor and be good to the earth that has supports us. Mankind has a massive ego!! And nature is going to humble us all.