Saturday, October 19, 2013


Em and John joke about winning it -- joke about what they would do if they won a really huge jackpot.

What would they buy?

How would it change their lives?


Anonymous said...

What a fun video! Enjoyed hearing what you both would do if you won the lottery....and donating some to the relatives was icing on the cake. If I won I would pay my bills, fix the house up, give some to my children and last but not least-come to visit you and John in NYC. That would be the best part! kam

Linda Phillips said...

Just adorable! I loved it!

Anonymous said...

You two are fortunate folks, albeit. I buy tickets often, knowing I'm helping older individuals in Pennsylvania, with hopes of helping me too.

Unknown said...

Great, fun video!

If I won the lottery--which I won't do, because I don't buy tickets either--I'd travel. I'd come see YOU!!! :)