Sunday, November 24, 2013


Em and John recall a cocktail party they attended at Moss Hart's penthouse apartment.

John recalls how Moss Hart supported and helped his career, artistically as well as financially.


Unknown said...

YES!!! You're STILL a good looking couple!!! You're sweet and funny and wonderful!

We all feel we're experiencing those parts of your life when you talk about them, and I for one am grateful for these peeks into the past. I love the blogs like this one, where you talk about those days! You know... you COULD do a blog about that certain actor I love so much... Maybe? :)

Thank you for this beautiful addition to my Sunday. Love and hugs to you both!

Paul Mendenhall said...

Thanks so much for this. Hart is one of my personal heroes. I adored Kitty Carlisle Hart too. I attended a lecture she gave in DC once. Some angry lesbian in the crowd asked her how she felt about Hart's bisexuality, and without missing a beat she replied: "Ambivalent." Ha! They were the epitome of glamour. What a shame all that has been lost.

Linda Phillips said...

What a lovely rememberence of a truly great man....greater than we knew in so man ways!