Friday, November 8, 2013


LIKE has become T-H-E  W-A-Y  to express yourself.

About ... ?

The new whatever -- philosophy, project, product -- the style of something -- clothes, an appliance, judge's ruling, a display at the museum, film, hit tune, medicine, cosmetic -- hey --you can LIKE a comment made by somebody famous or infamous -- a candidate, or the president, the ruler of some foreign country.

LIKE is all you need to do if you want to respond to ideas, opinions -- anything -- whatever is mentioned.

I blame all this on Facebook -- the college boy Zuckerberg -- the bright kid who figured everyone feels better if they can express -- quickly, easily, without too much study -- how they feel.

Aside from ordinary folks (the social networkers themselves), LIKES are very important for people in business.

So, if you collect a bunch of likes, does it mean you'll make money?

Well, sort of, in a roundabout way ...You've got approval, right? You, or whatever you stand for, is popular, right? Obviously being "LIKED" inspires others to notice and add their LIKE to the pile of LIKES, and thus, you're accruing a name, and with a name -- hey, you can teach, preach, beseech each and everyone to help you get more supporters, who can elect you, or buy your idea, or buy your product.

I'm thinking we need LIKES in various degrees -- LIKE A LOT, LIKE A TINY BIT, or a HA HA LIKE, THRILLED LIKE, SCARED LIKE, or LIKES plus an um, ugh, eek, pooh, yuck.

It's too easy to "LIKE."  It's not even as satisfactory as a hello, or a hi.

I would like to remove the E, reverse the letters,. and K-I-L the word.


Ameer S. Washington said...

Lmao. It all becomes rather redundant and in my opinion is like daily kiss goodbye in most circumstances. It's just something to do rather than anything based on an emotion. And then I think, that's unfair, because when I click like on a post, page, or whatever. I actually do like. But in other ways I guess I click like, so the next time someone sees, my post, they'll like mine. A confidence booster. Let's me know I'm being seen and I guess it's the same for them. I mean, would you post, or continue to post if you never got any likes. Means no one's paying attention. Maybe, maybe not. Yeah I vote for all the different kinds of likes.

Anonymous said...

But I like your blog and you, Em. Can't erase that.

Anonymous said...

I've often been asked to "like" someone's FB page and I'm not sure what to "like." Used to be "like" was a stage to "love." I'm just not ready to make a commitment to fall in love with a FB page. Great write.

Carola said...

I am so glad that I'm old enough to have let the whole Facebook era pass me by.

Poet_Carl_Watts said...

An interesting concept.
The like button was a great idea. I use it some but do not think it means much unless your idea/work is great enough to get thousand or millions of likes.

Then you have something that's gotten a lot of attention and somehow that will create an inflow of cash :-)

Attention is the same as money.

Gather enough attention by the right means, you get paid & are famous.

Get enough attention the wrong way, you get jailed & no pay :-)