Monday, December 2, 2013


Candid photo of John Boehner.

It was taken very recently at the Congressional ceremony honoring British prime minster, hero to many, Winston Churchill.

Lawmakers of both parties spoke at the ceremony that was dedicating a bust of Churchill in the U.S. Capitol, while listening to audio of Churchill addressing Congress weeks after the attack on Pearl Harbor.

As Boehner wiped his eyes, many of the others in the distinguished gathering wept as "The Who’s" Roger Daltrey, sang his band’s “Won’t Get Fooled Again,” as well as Ben E. King’s “Stand By Me.”

Boehner wept before his predecessor, Nancy Pelosi handed him the gavel, the day he became speaker of the house.

He wept as he was congratulated. 

Gavel in hand, he wept; and he was weeping as he addressed Congress for the first time as Speaker of the House.

I will never, never forget his ugly, angry tone, and the approving echoes from the Congress, in March, 2010, the day the Health Care bill was passed.

I know from observation, and from what I've learned from my husband, actor John Cullum, that actors who weep too often during a performance, are self-indulgent -- overly concerned with feeling their own feelings. They're thrilled by their own surge of emotion.

When you are moved, you don't need tears to prove it.

Weepy Boehner has aged over the past few years. As he and the Republicans stall, delay, argue, filibuster, hold onto tax breaks  for the rich, attack any and all legislation  that the Obama administration has  managed to pass -- and is attempting to pass -- they're doing what they got together and resolved to do -- stop health care; stop anything and everything that the President is trying to do.

I shy aware from politics. You have your own political ideas based on many things that have to do with your life experiences. The same thing is true for me.

But I am so deeply bothered -- horrified, upset, depressed by what's happened to our country since the health care bill was passed -- stunned that Boehner and the House of Representatives are, by not passing bills, changing the way our government functions -- no longer does Congress -- Senate, House of Representatives and the President whom we elected, run the country.

The House of Representatives is running the country.

Yes, Boehner tears up every other day, as nothing happens, nothing is solved, and the country continues to be stuck. John Boehner's eyes seem to fill with tears but I am weeping for what we seem to have lost.

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Bob Sanchez said...

Poor John. It must be exhausting trying so hard to deny health care to Americans.