Thursday, January 30, 2014


JD Cullum, our son, is a Mini-Wheat.
He's been a Mini-Wheat since 2006.

When we see the television commercials, and there are a lot of them, instantly recognizing him and his voice, John Cullum and I call out to each other, "Hey that's JD!"

JD's Mini-Wheat is peppy, positive, confident, and more authoritative than the other Mini-Wheats.
It tickles his parents (John Cullum and me). that JD, an exceptionally talented actor, has been able to expand his life style (he owns a house in North Hollywood and drives a Mini Cooper sports car), thanks to his Mini-Wheat earnings.)

We were a little nervous, when JD got an acting job at age 11 -- we didn't encourage him to go into acting -- he had talent as a writer and tennis player, and loved creating music on his synthesizer.

Well  ... the best laid plans go astray.

After appearing on Broadway in 1986, playing Amanda Plummer's boy friend in a Shaw play, JD was hired for a TV series, set to star with Christopher Lloyd. ("Back to the Future," comic), when an  actors' strike put JD and thousands of actors on hold for more than a half a year. 

"Win some Lose some" -- that's show biz.

He liked Hollywood. He settled there and has won, over the years, many other jobs -- worked in hundreds (probably thousands) of projects -- films, TV shows, plays, musicals, and workshops. He hasn't won the "fame" jackpot,  but with his reviews and reputation, it could happen -- that big break that will give JD a name, fame and success more or less like his father's.

Meanwhile, we delight in seeing JD the Mini-Wheat, even though it's ironic. If I said JD was fantastic in "Waiting for Godot," or I quoted the raves he got last month from the Los Angeles Times, or mentioned prestigious leads he's played ... well ... that doesn't really ring the bell that rings when I say. "Hey, that Mini-Wheat guy -- that's our son." 

Click this link:  Mini-Wheat History. You'll see JD and his cohorts. Hey, I bet, next time you see one of those commercials, you'll call out --
 "Hey, that's JD Cullum."


Carola said...

Every once in a while when I'm watching TV or a Netflix movie, I suddenly catch JD's name in the credits or better yet I recognize him on the screen. It is always a thrill.

Linda Phillips said...

Love it! Your son, JD, who is a remarkably talented actor, is a Mini Wheat! I have a huge smile on my face.

Go JD!

Unknown said...

"JD's Mini-Wheat is peppy, positive, confident, and more authoritative than the other Mini-Wheats.". Gee, with words like those, no one would have ever guessed you are his mother Em :) And, being blessed with talent laden parents as you and John , wise choice of JD to not go against the...grain.