Saturday, February 1, 2014


John remembers their friendship during the musical, "Camelot," when he was standby for Richard Burton, who played King Arthur, and understudy for Roddy McDowall, who played "Mordred."

Actor Roddy McDowall's huge artistic energy -- the way he could take on many different ages, different types of roles, and do them brilliantly, and Roddy's photography, and other projects -- actor Roddy McDowall continues to inspire John.


Unknown said...

THANK YOU, Em & John! Of course, it's never ENOUGH Roddy for me, but I'm touched by your affection for him. "Successful on his own terms," that's WONDERFUL!

I'll pass this on to some of the Roddy groups I'm a part of, and again, thanks. <3

Linda Phillips said...

I've always had the highest regard for Roddy McDowall's acting as well as his photography. Since I saw Camelot twice, with the original cast, I saw him twice as that wonderfully evil Mordred.

I remember his performance in Cleopatra. Saw him in numerous films, the names of which I am unable to recall and numerous TV shows.

How lovely to hear what a beloved person he was as well.